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Just a bit of goodies for you from me ......

                              I had a page setup on a very popular social site to share This and That and it worked for Oh , a hot minute and now it has just gone crazy ! So , I say to heck with that site . This is my site . With blessings from the higher powers that be .... You will be able to find me here .Just as you found me before with one exception , I will be putting all of my focus here instead of trying to be some computer wiz and streaming all across the galactic internet highway .  Screw that social website ! (Man , Ahhhh....! as soon as I said that my music stopped playing .) Weird ? I think not . It is just a brief moment of recognition from the spirits that I was getting a bit wound up for no reason at all and I needed to stop and take a deep breath and  calm down . So , as I did so I rolled my chair back got up from my desk and walked over to the Coby stereo system and seen that the Grateful Dead cd had ended not at the end of the song in the middle so I changed it o

Let's take a walk

                                               Let us take a walk ..... Shall we begin? I just love technology at times .. but , at other times I just want to run over technology with my car!!                                           ( Now is one of those moments !)  (I don't know if this ever happens to you ... Totally off subject for a minute . I am typing this and trying to get the hang of adding things to my blog and just as I am getting close to finish it up and check the preview to be able to walk away from the computer and move onto other things I keep getting..a faint...."Baby?" from the living room or someone takes the dog out in the rain and upon coming back into the house has to come back open the door to my writing space and bring in wet dog!)I tell you I would rather be camping ....... But moving on ...... .                      I just love Mother nature and all upon her .I know    that seems like an impossible thing to say but , If

Technology Whirlwind of Internet Mayhem ....

Don't you just... (HATE!)..... waking up to a technological whirlwind of internet mayhem when it has been unknowingly unleashed apparently through One's own actions from tweaking this and that on something One has spent over a year to create? ( People that was a mouth full . I am sure my english teachers would find so much wrong with that sentence .) (Oh , wait ..... maybe that concerns just me .) I tried changing something on this website to make it look more professional and possibly more appealing to readers and well, it worked great until this morning . ( SAD FACE ) Good news though , it only took a few hours of re-tweaking the site a bit of bouncing back and forth in the Google super galactic highway of space and time to get my site to come back to me . Where it went ..who knows maybe it went on holiday ? I eventually did it brought the site back from time and space ! Because here you are reading it .(HURRAY ! ) Now did I know what I was doing at the time

Autumn Day

                        It is a chilly Autumn morning and I find myself setting in front of the computer writing in a journal listening to Pandora , an Irish collection of instrumental music waiting for inspiration to strike.  Waiting for those creative juices to start flowing from me like a rushing water fall and , as of yet I have only moved from writing in personal journal to writing to you .  I find that sometimes through my writing I can at times reach out and touch someone in away I could never do in person . MAGIC ! . You know what I am talking  about reading something and getting that warm tingly feeling inside you like some one has touched your soul . Well , I have experienced it from things I have read and I am sure so have you .  I started copying a few things I had on my computer screen a few Fall bucket list ideas . I thought it might be fun . I shared a few of the lists on different social sites I frequent now and again . I am not really a ''Facebooker &quo