Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Just a bit of goodies for you from me ......

I had a page setup on a very popular social site to share This and That and it worked for Oh , a hot minute and now it has just gone crazy ! So , I say to heck with that site . This is my site . With blessings from the higher powers that be .... You will be able to find me here .Just as you found me before with one exception , I will be putting all of my focus here instead of trying to be some computer wiz and streaming all across the galactic internet highway .  Screw that social website ! (Man , Ahhhh....! as soon as I said that my music stopped playing .) Weird ? I think not . It is just a brief moment of recognition from the spirits that I was getting a bit wound up for no reason at all and I needed to stop and take a deep breath and  calm down . So , as I did so I rolled my chair back got up from my desk and walked over to the Coby stereo system and seen that the Grateful Dead cd had ended not at the end of the song in the middle so I changed it out with some Strange Brew (Cream) for those of you who may not know -Cream -look into them . Walked back to my desk and sat down and began typing again .

I would to Thank all of you who put images (into -onto -upon) the internet that make it easier to share  what is going on in my bean . Now , with saying that I will share some of these images that I have found on the internet or some images that I have created . Sharing with you items concerning the this time of season . Since the last quarter of the Moon is close and since Halloween in around the corner and...since  Samhain will immediately follow here are a few things I think you might enjoy .

     One quick note : A lot of people think that Halloween and Samhain are the same they are similar in many ways with the exception of conversion .Yet again it is in many cases it is a matter of opinion , too me they are not . Halloween is a Christian twist of the old ways . Samhain is the old ways .Simply put .

 All Saints day .( All Saints Day was created by the Christian church to honor all the Christian saints instead of honoring the Gods and Goddesses and the dead of the old ways  ) Halloween is commonly celebrated by children dressed in costumes to fend of evil spirits and  solicit candy and treats .( Wow! talk about and confusing twist ) Like many Christian traditions they were altered from older faiths and religions to create their so called one true religion .  It was meant to replace any Samhain rituals performed . You know back when they were trying to convert everyone to the  Christian God instead of the Gods and Goddesses worshiped by the Pagans ,Wiccans ,Celts and Druids etc . If you go back far enough the human race worshiped Polytheism .( That's many Gods) and through time some converted to Monotheism .( One God) While doing so they over lapped old ways to make the conversion to the new religion easier . Such as see soul cakes were the treats traditionally baked and given as gifts for the spirits of the dead .(basically from my understanding they are much like a shortbread cookie ) and soulers were the children and the poor who would go around saying prayers for the dead of the givers of the cakes .However ,
Samhain is October 31st -November 1st  it marks the  halfway point between the Autumn equinox and the winter solstice it is aligned with the Samhain sunrise . Samhain marks the time of preparation for the dark half of the year . Where the Goddess sleeps and the Lord of the hunt reigns. Rituals were performed to ensure the safety and survival of the long winter ahead . Offerings of food and drink would be left for the spirits of the souls of the dead . Spirits were thought to came back seeking hospitality of those left behind . Feasts were prepared and life is celebrated . Over time Samhain and All Saint's Day were merged to create the modern Halloween .

I am sure many of you knew that already , just put in there for those who may not of known .

Phases of the Moon 
Here are some interesting and wonderful things about our Moon . 
                        Dates of :
     Full Moon                  New Moon.
     January 23                 January 9
    February 22                February 8
     March 23                     March 8
      April 21                       April 7
      May 21                       May 6
      June 20                       June 4
      July 19                        July 4
     August 21                    August 2
  September 16              September 1
     October 15              September 30 
   November 14             October 30
  December 13              November 29
                                     December 28

          ( Thank you  , House of Opal )

Glyphs and Runes ( to me ) work the same they are meant to be cosmic symbolic forces that are divinely revealed to us which operate on all levels of all dimensions providing guidance , protection and divination for all of life's situations . Some are older than others which can stand the tests of time and others can be created by one's self to make them more personal to you and your needs . You can read  Hedgewitch by Silver Ravenwolf and the exercises in it will help you to create your own Runes .I love to read and my collection of Magical books is vastly growing although many of the books I find just repeat a lot of the same information verbatim  witch...( teehee) I can find a bit vexing , but what can you do ? The Craft is a personal entity unto itself in many cases . When you are Solitary you go by what feels comfortable and right for you at that time and at that moment .I use the books I read some what as guidelines . You can take a bit of this and a bit of that and create your Magic . It is when you are in a Coven that the Rites and Rituals that are practiced become more so set in proverbial stone .Please take no offense if you are in a Coven and that is your path then that is great for you and your Coven . I just mean things are more set in a group then alone . Speaking as a Solitary Practitioner that is .  

As far as Halloween goes . I am Wiccan but I still like to decorate and I still take part in the "Norm" of activities from time to time . So , I do . I do what feels good to me . I do not worry about what others in the Craft OR out of the Craft may have to say because it does not affect me . I decorate my home and my spaces the way I please . It brings me comfort and joy as well as those around me or whomever may enter my home and my spaces  , after all is that not what Magic should be . Creating and changing one's environment to suit your  needs /wants ? As long as it harms no one your good . But , really someone will almost always take offense in something or other . People right ? 

 Now . Samhain there is something One can get behind . Reconnecting with loved ones that have gone on to Summerland  . Those who have went before you . The celebration of their memory , that long felt need to reach out and touch those who are gone from sight but not from your heart and being . Samhain to me is that special time of year set aside to spend just with them . You can have a Dumb Supper where you make a wonderful meal and set a place for them and you enjoy and sit with them and reflect upon earlier times .  Here are some things I found while surfing the web . I hope you will find them interestingly  entertaining in a matter of speaking . for many some will tell you of Samhain , some will teach something you something new ,some well, some are just fun . 
If you notice I will try to pick things with the site attached somewhere in the image so you can cross reference it if something catches your eye .


I hope you enjoy these as much as I enjoy sharing them with you .

Peace be with you ...

Brightest Blessings to you and yours hope you enjoy .... Love and Light to you and yours


Sunday, October 9, 2016

Let's take a walk

                                               Let us take a walk ..... Shall we begin?

I just love technology at times .. but , at other times I just want to run over technology with my car!!

                                          ( Now is one of those moments !) 

(I don't know if this ever happens to you ... Totally off subject for a minute . I am typing this and trying to get the hang of adding things to my blog and just as I am getting close to finish it up and check the preview to be able to walk away from the computer and move onto other things I keep getting..a faint...."Baby?" from the living room or someone takes the dog out in the rain and upon coming back into the house has to come back open the door to my writing space and bring in wet dog!)I tell you I would rather be camping ....... But moving on ......
                     I just love Mother nature and all upon her .I know 
  that seems like an impossible thing to say but , If I can say it that means a lot .

Fragrance of a bit of Autumn and a walk in the woods on a trail is truly a Magical thing to do . I would have to suggest that if you should get the opportunity to get outside do so  .....   There is nothing like a nature hike to get you close to Mother nature .          

The way the Rhododendron grow here in Boone N.C. through the years they have created a tunnel at times one can not see until you are right up on it . They grow in way that twist and turn into each other making a magical place where it seems anything magical could happen .  I think back and remember when I was a young girl living in Texas by the lake . I would skip school and go the woods .( I know ... What? skip school I am in my forties now that was a lifetime away and my parents are gone , so I can talk about it now and not get into trouble . )I made a fort out of the openings of the trees there and I would just stay in the trees for days . ( I should've  been a monkey .) I hated being at home ..bad things would happen at home .  I would just escape to woods every chance I got . The  smell of early Autumn in the air with a slight chill under the deep dense canopy of leaves . 

                                                         ( It just makes me happy )

Then through the darkness light begins to shine a bit more and the next thing you know you are standing in the light of the Sun and ahead of you is a small trail about 2 foot wide and all you can see is open space and fields of where orchards once were . Looking off in the distance you can see Grandfather mountain .Well , some can see it . To me it just looks like a mountain top but , from all the brochures you can look at in the visitor station that 's it all right . Do you see it ?

Grandfather Mountain

I am truly lucky to be able to go get out into the forests and woods in my local areas . I can only hope that I have a much longer and healthier life  to be able to see more of nature's wonders

( Man has really done a number on Nature cutting down trees . Over-population of people , litter everywhere . It just breaks my heart ...)

   I enjoy the times when I can get out into nature without others around . How about you ?  I know,. I know . People are everywhere I just wish some were a bit more conserving and thoughtful when it come to natural resources . 

  Then  just as swiftly as the canopy and everything opens up it will slowly but surely consume you once again into the coolness of the canopy above . As you begin to walk back into the magical realm       of the trees you can once again begin to see the wonders of creation within the cover of the canopy.  As you walk you begin to hear water flowing in the far off distance and as you move closer it begins to get a bit louder and yet again even louder until you walk into a stream .
Stairway of tree roots .

         Where water begins to flow faster and fuller and pours over boulders and rocks .

There are no bugs flying around you nor are you being attacked by mosquitoes . It is just a pleasant stroll through the woods as you walk you hear the sounds of nature  . It is just a pleasant stroll . A walk we take together on the trails. As I walked the trails I think about the ones who made it possible to do so by those who have walked the paths before me . I mean way before me .
Walking in those same steps carved into the sides  of the mountain by the people who created the trail itself , up and down the man made stairs and rustic ladders through the nooks and crannies in the boulders and rock , walking over the small foot paths and bridges , over the water where at times it is just large rocks in the waterway that make a path for you to step on just as the water flows by my  feet. I thank you for walking with me and allowing me to share this with you . I know my blogging has a bit to be desired but , I hope it will continue to get better as I continue to learn . I truly enjoy sharing with you and Thank you for traveling here . Brightest blessing to you all and have a great Sunday......

Technology Whirlwind of Internet Mayhem ....

Don't you just... (HATE!)..... waking up to a technological whirlwind of internet mayhem when it has been unknowingly unleashed apparently through One's own actions from tweaking this and that on something One has spent over a year to create? ( People that was a mouth full . I am sure my english teachers would find so much wrong with that sentence .)

(Oh , wait ..... maybe that concerns just me .) I tried changing something on this website to make it look more professional and possibly more appealing to readers and well, it worked great until this morning .( SAD FACE ) Good news though , it only took a few hours of re-tweaking the site a bit of bouncing back and forth in the Google super galactic highway of space and time to get my site to come back to me . Where it went ..who knows maybe it went on holiday ? I eventually did it brought the site back from time and space ! Because here you are reading it .(HURRAY ! ) Now did I know what I was doing at the time I was doing it ? ( shaking my head no ) Of course not . No . Was I going to give up ? Not without pains of death . Have I learn anything from this unfortunate event ? I say with a big resounding... YES ! I have learned not to assume that just because it is on my computer that I know how it works . ( you can laugh here I did ) None the less ....It only took.... well ,about a fifty sticky notes and 2 hours of my life but, here we are I have found her . My site . She is back and looking beautiful as ever . At least in my eyes it is a beautiful sight ( a bit of word play there) I call my site a she it is no different when from other person who ends up giving any inanimate object a sex , And well, why not .
Now will she stay this way or will she disappear again ? I don't know ? Only the Internets Gods and Goddesses know the answer to that question . As for now all is well all my links are working and I can relax . Thank Goddess I didn't drink any coffee this morning or I could've ran over some technology with me car .

Well , look at me tooting my own horn about how well I did getting it my site back . I just now checked the Preview .... WHERE THE HECK did all those white lines come from ? I did not set the outline highlighter in the text. ( There must be Gremlins in my computer .? )

Gremlins or not I will keep working on it and hopefully you will continue to read it Gremlins and all ..

Blessings to you all .....

Thursday, October 6, 2016

Autumn Day


It is a chilly Autumn morning and I find myself setting in front of the computer writing in a journal listening to Pandora , an Irish collection of instrumental music waiting for inspiration to strike. 
Waiting for those creative juices to start flowing from me like a rushing water fall and , as of yet I have only moved from writing in personal journal to writing to you .  I find that sometimes through my writing I can at times reach out and touch someone in away I could never do in person . MAGIC ! . You know what I am talking  about reading something and getting that warm tingly feeling inside you like some one has touched your soul . Well , I have experienced it from things I have read and I am sure so have you .  I started copying a few things I had on my computer screen a few Fall bucket list ideas . I thought it might be fun . I shared a few of the lists on different social sites I frequent now and again . I am not really a ''Facebooker " although I  have been trying to set up a site to sale a few wares that I and a few friends create . (Natural and organic etc.)  However, I find I would rather have a barter clientele . I have created many a things and I find myself giving what ever I make....away . That's right . I just give things I make away . I have traveled across the states and given pieces of jewelry away . There are even pieces I have created now in Canada . The look on someones face just brings me a feeling of true Magic . I know people make money selling creations they make but , at times I just can't sale what I create . Every piece is a part of me . Every piece I make in every thing I make it has a piece of my soul attached to it . My Magic it is created and given . It can not be bought or sold . I also know that many may disagree with that but, for ME ,that is how I feel . I know One has to make a living someway or another but, when it comes to "My" crafts the Magic for my is a gift . Well ,once again ...(I digress) I was specking to a fellow magical person and we were talking about the Magical community and how One should help each other as well as others who ask of coarse .( Never help someone without consent ....nothing good will come from it . Even under the best intentions) So , I am putting this out into the Universe . If you have a Magical shop or a craft and would like ... I can create a link on this site and help others to find you and your talent .  I mean , I am not trying to say that tons of people read this blog , because they don' t . I am just trying to create and possibly become a part of something much bigger than myself . A magical community . I mean I am in a few on Goggle+ communities which I don't frequent them much either . I am like many other just pop on the computer for a bit and than pop back off again but , perhaps that is how you are coming across this now. I am Solitary and yet again One is never truly Solitary are we ? There Is Magic everywhere within almost everything we see . I am apart of those that have gone before me and I will be apart of those who come after I am long gone from this physical being on Earth at this point in time . 
       Right here . 
               Right now. 
                   In this VERY moment it is you and I and any one else who may be sharing in this moment with us . Now that is  Magic . How is that for a feeling ?  Knowing you are a part of something bigger than Oneself ? Okay , now back to the proposal at hand . Just contact me and we will go from there .  Mind you , I wont put anything up that is not related to a Magical craft of some sort or another . 
             Hoping to hear from you BUT, if I don't take this with you ...I am wishing you ALL                                                                                                                          Light and Love to you on this 
                                                                                                                                  Autumn day .....

Merry meet,

   Long time no see, or, well, in this case long time no write, or long time no read. How have you been my dear friends? I have not been wri...