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This is how I feel ,

  I can not stand Donald Trump , So what, he got his pride hurt mad because the Pope Said he was" not Christian", because he would rather build a wall to keep immigrants crossing into America illegally . Instead of building bridges to help them have a better life? Well, I'm not a Christian , but even I know how to treat people with a bit of decency and a bit of respect . I hate when it becomes time to elect a new President . It has become such a show . It was nothing like this years ago . But, politicians have become nothing more than money hungry indecent succubus who are corrupt with wanting more power , more money . So what now Trump is lasing back out at the Pope because he said what he feels ? Look , the last time I checked this was America with the freedom of speech .( So what if the Pope was in Mexico when he said it ). The Pope has a right to his feelings