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Candles made from Recycled Wax

                                                            Making Recycled Candles  USED WAX AND SUPPLIES  Okay, to begin this is how I do my recycled  candles . I have use  many of those wax infusers around my house that use those little wax tart-lets you can buy pretty much any where and from the wax that is left over from other candles.   I keep the wax tart-lets after the scent had been extracted from the wax . You know when it gets that waxy smell I remove the wax and store for a later time . It takes a bit of time to gather enough wax to recycle into Candles . I do this about    I keep all of my glass containers that the candles came in and after I get the wax out I clean and sterilize the containers and reuse them for different things . (Mostly for my herbs mainly if the containers have a lid .) I often reuse the glasses for new candles .I simply hot glue the holder and wick to the bottom center of glass/container and  then pour the recycled wax back into it a

Shadow Mice

                                                                               As I sit and I think about different and new ideas I can use for decorating , for this  coming  Samhain . When Autumn arrives , I get excited when that more than Magical chill hits the air , One knows the Witching time draws near . I redesign my home into an even more magical place then normal . I mean I always allow my "Witchiness" to shine through the " Normal " everyday way of things .  But , during this time of year during the dark months when Mother Earth Sleeps I am my happiest . I am more of a home body . I mean think about it who wants to be cold and wet from the coming winter weather , I become a (Hermit Witch) - even more of a solitary practitioner . I conjure and cook and I am truly at my happiest . And some of that creation of my happiness is my environment .                              So today I decided to make some shadow mice .      First Off what I did was to fin