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A morning in July

  Here are a few Magical tidbits for the month of  July , July is a great month the sun gets higher and hotter . It is the time to celebrate the warmth of Father Sun's rays . It is the time to feel Mother Earth's embrace wrapping around you with Love and Care . It is a time to share in the bounties that only they can give us . Like many of you, this is my busy time of the year . I truly enjoy it but I am an Autumn baby through and through . (but we will talk about that later )  I can look out my window and see the light coming .... the sky is a pale light blue as Father Sun  rises higher and higher . The darkness from Mother Moon's night sky is slowly pushed back further into the darkness. It recedes from the quite of the early morning light . The air is cooler this morning than it has been .I can hear the birds chirping singing their songs in welcoming the coming Sun . This no doubt is one of my favorite times . Waking while the world is still sleeping , some of yo

Oil Infusion

                                          Infused Oils Now I can only share with you what works for me and as we all know Working the Crafts of the Divine are as unique at time as Snowflakes that fall .  (Some may work for one and not the other )                                                 So these are merely beginner  basics . In order to become truly educated in the Crafts One must do their homework ,                                                                      keeps notes and discover what works best for them .  I suggest learning a bit about carrier oils first and of course the Herbs you wish to work with. Carrier Oil examples such as:                 Safflower                 Sunflower                  Coconut                   Peanut                    Olive               Walnut etc .  Just to name a few .Every ones taste is different . This is way I suggest to you to do research . * I only use Plant based Oils * Some oils work well wit

In the begining .......

 In my travels here on the internet I am apart of a few groups just like many of you.  The questions that I come across most frequently are '' How do I begin ?" or " Where do I start ?" , and my answer is .... Well , at the begin of course . If you find yourself asking these questions .Which many of us at some point or another do . I can simply ask what are your interests? One should start there . That is your beginning . I mean  when you narrow down your interests that can alleviate a lot of ones stress. Let me share with you a story of me and my journey at the beginning . I have always, always been intuitive to the divine even at a very young age . My mother would tell me that the fairies had taken your child and left me for her to raise . She always excepted my idiosyncrasy with my abilities of   communicating with  Spirits or foretelling the future or telling her what people would say to her before she spoke with them. ( She was always asking me questio