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Greetings from the darkside

           Many greetings  from the dark side . I say this because I feel like I have been under a rock , A heavy a rock some may even say a boulder . Learning how to move said boulder has been my purpose up till now .  Hurray !  Boulder has been blown to bits and typing has once again begun . (click click click clickity click click sound of the keys )  What a wonderful journey it has been .  I have experienced a lot since I was here last.  Fifty has come and gone with the grace and ease as if time is standing still for me . I know it passes but I do not feel it. I have had yet another breast cancer scare , and I have yet again come out health and whole minus the biopsy. Lets see , I have turned blue once again and also I have started a TikTok if you can believe that.  Who knew who knew it would such a therapeutic endeavor , and what an endeavor it is.  as if I have rediscovered some ancient sleeping dragon of creativity and laughter .  During this time  I have been away I have also re