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Greetings from the darkside

           Many greetings from the dark side .

I say this because I feel like I have been under a rock , A heavy a rock some may even say a boulder . Learning how to move said boulder has been my purpose up till now .

 Hurray ! 

Boulder has been blown to bits and typing has once again begun .

(click click click clickity click click sound of the keys )

 What a wonderful journey it has been . 

I have experienced a lot since I was here last.  Fifty has come and gone with the grace and ease as if time is standing still for me . I know it passes but I do not feel it. I have had yet another breast cancer scare , and I have yet again come out health and whole minus the biopsy. Lets see , I have turned blue once again and also I have started a TikTok if you can believe that.  Who knew who knew it would such a therapeutic endeavor , and what an endeavor it is.  as if I have rediscovered some ancient sleeping dragon of creativity and laughter .  During this time  I have been away I have also reconnected to self . 

ARTIST UNKNOWN TO ME -many thanks artist person 
Much much pookla 

I am a spiritual being having a human experience ,and in this time in my life I recognize I have the ability, capability along with knowledge to know it is up to me to decide what effects me emotionally , what serves me and what doesn't .

To heck you say .Nah. Nah.  I reply It is only up to I . The only emotion I say one can not control is Joy a laugh comes when it comes we do not have to to sit and think is that funny ? I going to laugh . No. We just laugh. when it comes to any other emotion we can control . For example I am out and and someone says something I have the ability to  response . I can choose to have a feeling or I can decide that it has nothing to do with me . I walk away . If someone is hateful well I do not know their life, their path , What brought them to the moment ? Perhaps they had a bad morning. It has nothing to do with me . I decided what effects me . It is a lot like One's own magic .

Ooop! There it is . I said it MAGIC......

I bet you were wondering when this was going to come up . A spiritual being writing a blog about magic it was bound to pop up . 

 We all know that Magic is something unique to One's self .You can have a room full of beings and each would have their own opinion , ( heck that why I have this blog ) its my point of view of my world . More about that later . I have been invited to be apart of a pod cast . I know right ! So excited! Which also means I will be writing more . YAY!

So the long and the short of it is I will be around more and, if you are having issues reading this on your device kindly let me know and I will do me nerdy best to figure out why . This is just a quick note to tell you ... I appreciate you, every single one of you. I don' t know who reads this I mainly write for me . I am analog after all , My avatar is a huge writer most of the time, unless I am under a rock that is . 

 Be well and always be you because no one else can be .




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