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Temu free or not free these are my questions

 WOW! It has been a while messing with Temu 12 DAYS and for sometime 12 days playing the games trying to get something for "free" oddly enough people pop up constantly while in my Temu app saying so and so just won blah blah blah but do they really the win or is it a gimmick to get one to buy more ? The answer to those questions are kind of yeah . I mean for what I gather the Temu objective is to

1. have people on their site
2. people need to be entertained
and another most important objective for Temu is to keep a human being with money on the app because if are preoccupied with watering ,crops corn and feeding fish you may get all wound up in not losing in a match and to get more food /water you will pop over where we are more likely to buy something ( because no one want to lose . So in the matter of a gimmick that is a big huge YES !!! Although , I being a comparison shopper and one who is always on the look out for a bargain especially in todays times .(I can not believe I just said that I sounded like my Grandfather just than ) "back in the day, I would walk uphill both ways to the only store just for a nickel ice cream and I was glad to do it ".
Anyway back to what I was saying. A few years ago I came to the realization being an eBay user (that is where I hunt for the best deals I go straight to the source I mean if I buy from Walmart buy from China so eBay cuts out the middle man ie: Wally world ) I am constantly on the look out for deals and in my many travels I began to notice that many of the items I buy form different places and stores I could buy on eBay for way less than say a blouse at Walmart because they mark it up ( transportation fees ) did you know Better Homes and gardens candles that cost 12+ dollars are from China ? I just bought one yesterday and when I got home I piled the sticker off the bottom so I can use our candle warmer instead of burning them and in doing so I find and even smaller sticker saying yep , you guessed it "made in China" . Sneaky boogers how and how can China be an enemy towards the state if we the state import from them . Bonkers . Any who man ....... do I tend to wonder . So Temu is it worth it ? While I have bought a few bits and bobs of my camping gear from Temu (that is how I got caught up in this Temu hell ,excuse me endeavor . so I have bought now I am playing this game waiting on the stuff. so I play fish land , farmland , Temu tree ( I have "planted 2 trees" so far) who knows I have read the information Temu has provided so it seems legit but heck who truly knows now a days But in am in it to win it so to say 11 cents away from one 162 days left to acquire free stuff , 20 cents and 168 days to acquire free stuff and and well as far as the Temu tree so far 8,643,094 trees have been planted I have planted 2 of Baobab trees apparently .
Now in saying all this the prices are really reasonable compared to eBay and Walmart which is where one can find all of the things . Temu has many more fashions selections , so much merchandise . So now will I win something of stature ?   
Well check back in 162 days and see . Be happy
Be well and
stay magical


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