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Blessed mornings to you my friends,

Thank you ............ For coming here if only for a moment .  I am in the process of setting up shop . So , One can find wonderful things and learn how to do the things I do or to just get an idea to alter an idea One may already have.      That is one of the great things about OUR craft ...Is... Make it your own .  I will be going through things I do and  how I do the things that work for me. Being Dyslexic .  I think and process things in a different way than most (witch) giggles not a bad thing by no stretch of the imagination just different and perhaps it  may help your creative juices to flow like a babbling creek and or stream .... ( same thing different words ) see what I mean ..... Anyway , I am collecting , creating , sewing , stitching , mixing , bottling things for you . And I also will be  photo blogging these things so you will be able to do all these things in your own way...  For only you have the strongest ,truest  need with in yourself


Brightest Blessings,               To you my friends  and Welcome into my inter-spaces . I am connecting you to different parts of me .                                       Different in space and time .                                   Different  in thought  and pattern .                                 Here are bits of me creating and sharing .                         Please leave all negativity behind and enter here with happiness                  and curiosity may a smile come across your face . Welcome to the Final Harvest of the year . To the Fall Equinox and all of Their bounty .... God and Goddess walks together to you your feast and the loved ones that walk with you . How have you spent your day so far ? I have been baking a bounty of      goodness . Some yummy Molasses cookies that was my        Grandfathers recipe . And some Honey Wheat Bread recipes I found in a lovely little  kitchen cook book must have , (Written by Patricia Telesco : A Kitchen

Welcome ,

WELCOME TO YOU MY FRIENDS .... I am inviting you to check out and up and coming new site (witch) will be a place here in Randolph County by this time next year .  It is called The Broom Closet  You can only access it through Facebook at the moment for we are just starting out .                                                                    The Broom Closet                                             Is a new site a fellow Magic person and I are starting up . We both have the talent and the ability to teach and help you on your Magical Journeys . We will be making charms and candles ,lotions, oils for yourself and for cooking .Much more than aroma therapy could ever do for you . I will be making things to sell as well will she . Two peas in a pod that's what we are . It may be a slow beginning but at least it is a beginning . Please be patient THINGS


 I have come to find out that this is harder than it appears . Lol   I am not sure why my pictures did not show up on the last entry perhaps someone has put a little curse on me . Witch ( giggles ) if that is the case more power to him or her . and if that is not the case ( witch ) , I believe it to of been my fault I should have to be more careful . So here is what I am going to do .I will just out the pictures up here .. Ok so lets see how this turns out . Shall we ? These are clearly photos of the some of the many streams and creeks that wind in and out of the bedrock of the mountain at Julian Price Campground trails .... The Picture to the left is of Cascade Falls (witch) hee hee is about a twenty minute drive from Julian Price lake itself . I was a bit of a hike to get to the over looks to see it and I was a bit saddened to find that I could not get to the water itself but after all safety first .... I guess . I was still a site to be seen .I just love water free flowing

Magical trip in the mountains.

  Future Christmas tree forest  My mystical mountain trip began with a short 2 and a half hour drive to Julian Price lake in Blowing Rock North Carolina . We set up camp , began our voyage into Mother Nature ......  We started with one of the many hiking trails that lead us around Price Lake . Then we walked the trail that lead to Price Lake park . (it was a pretty short walk maybe a mile from our camp site .  After our walk we decided to take a drive to Cascade Falls . Now that was a pretty nice little hike who knew that years ago people thought ahead enough to put in stone steps in some place and tiny little bridges so we could enjoy the view now ?. A man and his dog,  what amazing friendship  they have. Sgt. Pepper was so happy just walking around ,up and down. Slashing in the water where he could get to it who knew he was part mountain goat ? It was magical walking with Mother nature . I pasted a snake and I swear it turned back and looked at me as