Monday, September 26, 2016

Blessed mornings to you my friends,

Thank you ............ For coming here if only for a moment .

 I am in the process of setting up shop . So , One can find wonderful things and learn how to do the things I do or to just get an idea to alter an idea One may already have.
     That is one of the great things about OUR craft ...Is... Make it your own .
 I will be going through things I do and  how I do the things that work for me.
Being Dyslexic .
 I think and process things in a different way than most (witch) giggles not a bad thing by no stretch of the imagination just different and perhaps it  may help your creative juices to flow like a babbling creek and or stream ....
( same thing different words ) see what I mean .....
Anyway , I am collecting , creating , sewing , stitching , mixing , bottling things for you . And I also will be  photo blogging these things so you will be able to do all these things in your own way... 

For only you have the strongest ,truest  need with in yourself to create and change what ever it is you want to change or create .

 Think of me as a conduit a guided channel to help you get your inner Magic flowing .
Now I can tell you I am no , great source . I can only tell you what works for me . 
Perhaps we may think alike , Perhaps not .......
 I am just here to help if I can . 
 Now ..... I am not completely ready to put a lot of things up as of yet but , here are some ideas to get you started ......

 A Book of Shadows is always a great place to start .....
This one was given to me by my daughter . I found printable's I liked on the internet altered the colors used different types of paper and ink made each page my own and WHA -LA!

I have kept journals for ever and you can start with a composition book , Spiral note book , 3 ring binders .....etc... 

This too was given to me by one of my daughters . She actually bought it for her self  , but then gave it to me ...
I have of yet to put anything in .
 I have Three 3 ring binders I am using to compile pages that I find or create myself , and then I arrange them in the best order that I feel will be for me . Then when I get them in order I will bind them and put a cover to them . The big book above will be all the pages I have combined from the 3 ring binders but, it will be in my own hand .... Special .... the truest form of My Magic ......
3 Ring Binders B.O.S.
These as you can tell are Cook Books another form of a Book of Shadows
 The giant one in the middle I purchased at Hobby Lobby . It is complied of our families favorite recipes .

I hope this helps in giving you some ideas and if you are in need of spell page ideas or just Magical Ideas in general. 
 You can simply click the image under Shiconey's Closet .
And you will arrive at a magical place .
Well, I believe it is a magical place .

Once again .... Thank you for traveling here and may your journey be a pleasant one .

Good Peace to you and yours ...........

Thursday, September 22, 2016


Brightest Blessings, 

             To you my friends  and Welcome into my inter-spaces . I am connecting you to different parts of me . 
                                     Different in space and time .                                  Different in thought  and pattern . 
                               Here are bits of me creating and sharing .

                        Please leave all negativity behind and enter here with happiness                  and curiosity may a smile come across your face . Welcome to the Final Harvest of the year . To the Fall Equinox and all of Their bounty .... God and Goddess walks together to you your feast and the loved ones that walk with you .
How have you spent your day so far ?
I have been baking a bounty of      goodness . Some yummy Molasses cookies that was my        Grandfathers recipe .
And some Honey Wheat Bread recipes I found in a lovely little  kitchen cook book must have ,
(Written by Patricia Telesco : A Kitchen Witches cookbook) 
I was introduced to her writings by an Aunt .Which I am about to share with you .
It is a basic recipes that I have found can be altered for your own personal taste . I have several months of working with this recipe , I was extremely nerves about making home made bread but I have found that it is really pretty easy . So with the help of her recipe and me explaining home I do it perhaps your too will be making your family or just your self some homemade bread .

Okay , First I make sure I have all the ingredients need for making the bread ....
(So, Go check 
No, I know your still reading the blog .
Basic Bread recipe 
6 cups All-Purpose Flour
2 envelope of yeast ( = 4 1/2 tsp dry active yeast)
(each little envelope is equal to 2 1/4 tsp active dry yeast ) Neat !
3 Tablespoons Sugar
1 Tablespoon Salt
2 Tablespoons Shortening
2 cups of Water (120*F -130*F)

 Okay, now there is her recipe and now I will tell you how I have made bread . I like a little wheat in my bread and as long as the flour and wheat flour , Rye flour what ever type of flour you use just make sure it makes 6 cups ish .A little more a little less . I used today to make the bread in the picture a cup and a half of wheat flour and four and a half cups of all-purpose flour which = 6 cups.
You will need two bowls one pretty big . It will need to be big enough to hold all ingredients eventually. I put 3 cups of flour into the largest bowl and 3 cups in a smaller holding bowl. You will use a scoop or small cup to add this flour to your bread mixture in the large bowl .
In this large bowl we have the 3 cups of flour and let me say that I have found it is better to have basic flour in the small bowl and have the flavored flour in the large bowl .
 ( just tastes better to me ) 
You can either put your dry yeast in the bowl with the all your other ingredients or you can mix your dry yeast in the cups of water . I have found that the yeast is what scares people but let me tell you I have done it where I mix all ingredients together and dded the water to it . And I have put the yeast in the cup of hot water and and waited a few minutes and then mixed everything together  . It really does not make a difference as long as the water is not hotter then 130*F if it is sometimes if will kill the yeast if it is hotter .

That right yeast is ALIVE!
Boo AH ah AH ah! but not in that creepy kind of alive ....
In the large bowl you put 
Flour for strength 
Sugar to feed the yeast 
Salt because it purifies and makes everything taste wonderful 
Shortening to bind 
Yeast than water. 
Yeast and water .
Just remember water should be NO colder than 120*F 
and NO hotter than 130*F 

Now I add Honey
and Begin to mix my bread .    
Bread is mixed to where it can easily be handled with out sticking to you and every thing else turn out the dough onto a lightly floured counter top ,cutting board or if your bowl is big enough you can just knead your dough right in side it .
Knead your dough until you are happy with the feel .
That right ...FEEL ....
The more you knead the dough the more the elastic builds from the yeast .
 and the lighter the bread I have found .
Place dough into a lightly greased , oiled or sprayed (what ever you have) bowl and turn once to coat the dough ball and cover bowl and leave to rise in a warm place until doubled in size .About 45 minutes 
This is the first rise . 
I have found that lose fitting plastic wrap and a damp warm towel laying over top the dough while rising works just as well as a plan towel . Yet again to each his or her own .....
 It is after all... YOUR bread .
After it has risen for the first 45 minutes I punch the dough down. Knead 5 or 6 more times,  Cut the dough in half and shape and place into a sprayed pan . Allow to rise 40 minutes.
This is the last rise .

Preheat oven to 425*F 
Bake for 25-30 minutes 
Or until you can smell the bread  I would check it than . 
The nose knows ....
When the bread is golden Brown and sounds hollow to the tap it is done . 

 Blessed be .....
Now , Go make some bread  for crying out loud ......

Grand dads Molasses  Cookies

 Step 1

3/4 cups Shortening 
1 cup Packed Brown Sugar 
1 Egg
1/2 Light Molasses 

Step 2 

Sift together 
2 1/2 cups All-Purpose Flour 
1 teaspoon Salt 
2 teaspoons Baking Soda 
1/2 teaspoon Ground Clove
1 teaspoon Cinnamon 
1 teaspoon Ginger

Step 3 

Chill for a few hours in fridge 

Preheat oven 350* F
 Roll in to small balls about a inch in size or use a small melon baller .
Roll into sugar if you decide to do so . 
BAKE  for 8 to ten minutes .. I do 4 minutes and 4 minutes .sounds weird ha . 
I use two trays and two shelves second from the top and the bottom shelf in the oven and alternate the trays every four minute Sounds like a lot just for a cookie but .... they come out great . It totally depends on your oven some ovens are hotter than others . I would say if your dont know your oven like I know mine make a test cookie or two and see how she bakes . 

Enjoy ........

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Welcome ,

I am inviting you to check out and up and coming new site (witch) will be a place here in Randolph County by this time next year . 

It is called The Broom Closet 
You can only access it through Facebook at the moment for we are just starting out .

                                                                   The Broom Closet

 Is a new site a fellow Magic person and I are starting up . We both have the talent and the ability to teach and help you on your Magical Journeys . We will be making charms and candles ,lotions, oils for yourself and for cooking .Much more than aroma therapy could ever do for you . I will be making things to sell as well will she . Two peas in a pod that's what we are . It may be a slow beginning but at least it is a beginning . Please be patient THINGS WILL GET BETTER !! .

                       Good Peace to you and yours may your days be fun of Love and Light 

Tuesday, September 13, 2016


 I have come to find out that this is harder than it appears . Lol 
 I am not sure why my pictures did not show up on the last entry perhaps someone has put a little curse on me . Witch ( giggles ) if that is the case more power to him or her . and if that is not the case ( witch ) , I believe it to of been my fault I should have to be more careful . So here is what I am going to do .I will just out the pictures up here .. Ok so lets see how this turns out . Shall we ?
These are clearly photos of the some of the many streams and creeks that wind in and out of the bedrock of the mountain at Julian Price Campground trails ....

The Picture to the left is of Cascade Falls (witch) hee hee is about a twenty minute drive from Julian Price lake itself . I was a bit of a hike to get to the over looks to see it and I was a bit saddened to find that I could not get to the water itself but after all safety first .... I guess . I was still a site to be seen .I just love water free flowing natural water I just want to put my feet in her and feel the cool , sometimes extremely cold water rushing by me tiny toes  . I would love to just hang out in it all day if I could . But being a 46 year old woman I found I had to act my age or the small children would of wanted play in the water also and I do not think that 
their parents would appreciate that . But to each his/her own . . The sites where beautiful and I cant help but always try to use these outings as a type of collections expedition for supplies I may need . For instance I am always on the look out for a Hag Stone . Walking walking sticks , and possible wands for my shop and personal use . I only take what is already given I never use something that is attached . Only Given .
And come to find out that this practice has rubbed off onto my husband to be also . Finding things that is .He has become so patient with me while we are in the woods . I believe this go round thou we will be looking for mushrooms . . 

 I am so grateful for the Pop up he bought me for my birthday that we can venture into nature more . Which ( I used the correct word that time I must be slipping ) is truly where we would rather be .... I envision  myself having a tiny little cottage out in the deep dark woods somewhere ....
 Oh, that would be grand . But I will take our little get away one trip at a time . Patients is something that runs narrow here lately . I have read it is because I wake up between the wee early hours right before dawn . When you wake up , you wake up . There is only so much one person can do . I suppose I could try drinking Chamomile tea . Marshmallow is also good for that . Who wants to wake up just to drink a cup of tea just to go back to bed. I really get my rest when sleeping where I can here nature . She truly is my mother . Well, I have rambled on about this and that just to have some kind of filler in between my pictures I took for you .  

As always it has been a blessing...


Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Magical trip in the mountains.

Future Christmas tree forest 

My mystical mountain trip began with a short 2 and a half hour drive to Julian Price lake in Blowing Rock North Carolina .

We set up camp , began our voyage into Mother Nature ......

 We started with one of the many hiking trails that lead us around Price Lake . Then we walked the trail that lead to Price Lake park . (it was a pretty short walk maybe a mile from our camp site .  After our walk we decided to take a drive to Cascade Falls . Now that was a pretty nice little hike who knew that years ago people thought ahead enough to put in stone steps in some place and tiny little bridges so we could enjoy the view now ?.

A man and his dog,  what amazing friendship  they have.
Sgt. Pepper was so happy just walking around ,up and down.
Slashing in the water where he could get to it who knew he was
part mountain goat ?
It was magical walking with Mother nature . I pasted a snake and I swear it turned back and looked at me as if to say " What are you freaking out about?'' Need less to say the snake caught me off guard. 

 John really surprised me I really did not think he was going to make it .lol On day two we hiked the 5 mile trail up and around the mountain . Into the mountain across the creeks and streams . Up and down the rock face in some places to witness Mother Natures beauty . So enough typing .

                        Enjoy ........

 Good Peace to all who travel here , May your days be bright and full of Love and Laughter...

Cascade Falls

TIRED  Puppy !!
        When we finally got to where we could see
light through the trees after hiking under the canopy of Rhododendrons the very first thing we seen was this deer . She just stood there while I fumbled for my cell phone to get a picture of her . she was not even surprised to see us . I mean I am sure she is used to people in some effect or another  seeing how there were people camping all around her .  

Merry meet,

   Long time no see, or, well, in this case long time no write, or long time no read. How have you been my dear friends? I have not been wri...