Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Magical trip in the mountains.

Future Christmas tree forest 

My mystical mountain trip began with a short 2 and a half hour drive to Julian Price lake in Blowing Rock North Carolina .

We set up camp , began our voyage into Mother Nature ......

 We started with one of the many hiking trails that lead us around Price Lake . Then we walked the trail that lead to Price Lake park . (it was a pretty short walk maybe a mile from our camp site .  After our walk we decided to take a drive to Cascade Falls . Now that was a pretty nice little hike who knew that years ago people thought ahead enough to put in stone steps in some place and tiny little bridges so we could enjoy the view now ?.

A man and his dog,  what amazing friendship  they have.
Sgt. Pepper was so happy just walking around ,up and down.
Slashing in the water where he could get to it who knew he was
part mountain goat ?
It was magical walking with Mother nature . I pasted a snake and I swear it turned back and looked at me as if to say " What are you freaking out about?'' Need less to say the snake caught me off guard. 

 John really surprised me I really did not think he was going to make it .lol On day two we hiked the 5 mile trail up and around the mountain . Into the mountain across the creeks and streams . Up and down the rock face in some places to witness Mother Natures beauty . So enough typing .

                        Enjoy ........

 Good Peace to all who travel here , May your days be bright and full of Love and Laughter...

Cascade Falls

TIRED  Puppy !!
        When we finally got to where we could see
light through the trees after hiking under the canopy of Rhododendrons the very first thing we seen was this deer . She just stood there while I fumbled for my cell phone to get a picture of her . she was not even surprised to see us . I mean I am sure she is used to people in some effect or another  seeing how there were people camping all around her .  

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