Monday, September 21, 2015



     Ahh Mabon , the time of the year of the Autumn Equinox between September 20th and 23rd. This is the second of the three  harvests of the year when the faint breeze of an Autumn chill starts to creep in to fill the air with wonderful thoughts of ,  Well , in my case hot apple cider (with a grown up kick to it) the thoughts of getting my bake on . I mean , I love to cook but in the darker months that make up Autumn and Winter I am truly happy. Cooking away at my hearth( ie stove ) remember it is all a matter of perspective . Baking pies and honing in on my bread recipes for the winter months . I cherish my times of cooking , and sharing with my family . That is one thing I miss most about my mom she may of not liked you most of the time but ,when it came to getting together to feast with those she liked (which for few ) and even those she didn't like she would cook and it was great . This time of year brings forth fond memories of Pop (my grandfather) and of apple trees and being a little girl back to what then,  was my home in Endicott New York . I don't have many memories of my youth but I do remember that . It is soon to be the time of year of Tricks or Treats and Holiday candies dressing up like our favorite Spirits and monsters of old and new to blend in with our ancestors who will soon walk the Earth again ..... Oh , Sorry I started to drift into a different holiday all together.                    
PepperJack Cheese Bread
Texas Brownies

I am sure you get the picture fond memories indeed . I love to cook but there is something so special about this time of year that makes being in the kitchen wonderful . 

Cheese Bread and Apple Pie

Oatmeal cookies I make for my daughter who
is away .
Mabon besides being the Autumn Equinox which divides the day and night equally and we prepare to pay our respect to the impending dark. We may also give thanks to the waning sunlight ,as we store our harvest. However to me it is a time to reflect on the past and of family . A time to prepare for the upcoming winter. A time to can and preserve . A time to celebrate harvest and family , to give thanks to Mother Earth and Father Sun for the gracious bounty that hopefully will make it possible to survive the coming dark times .  I am fully aware that One can go to the grocery store and buy whatever   One needs nowadays and that hardly anyone Cans any more . But to me Mabon is a primal instinct to  reflect and to give thanks to the makers and to prepare and provide for the ones you care for . It is somewhat of a person ritual that goes back to ancient times to have that feeling of fulfillment of knowing you have worked hard and your can  reap your rewards by providing for your family in a way that links you to those who , have come and gone in times way before you even existed. I mean think about it.There were no grocery stores in the ancient times and what you had to survive for the dark months is what you had there was no going to the corner store . And in today's times( I sound like an old lady ) so many of us has had that connection with our ancestors drowned out with technology cell phones,computers,cable tv . etc . I mean don't get me wrong I enjoy all of these things myself but , to be about to grow and harvest and store prepare in a way that your grandfather taught you because his father taught him and so on and so on .It is just a great feeling of success . I like that feeling , and I thank my Goddess and her consort daily for the wondrous gifts I continue to receive . I am continuously grateful with every passing day that I have been granted another day . 

  Brightest of Blessing to you and yours on this Mabon 

I would also like to thank everyone who has put up these awesome pictures up on the internet so others can use them .

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Early morning ponderings ,


 You never realize how busy you are until you start a blog . I started this blog to share some of the insights that I have found to help me throughout the years on my journey in the Craft . I have found that it is pretty simple . No complexities to it .
                               My Principles of the Wiccan belief.
 1.) I practice rites to attune with the natural rhythm of the life force that are marked by the phases of the Moon and the seasonal Quarter and cross quarters .

2.)I recognize that our intelligence gives us a unique responsibility towards our environment.I seek to live in harmony with nature in ecological balance offering balance fulfillment to life and consciousness within an evolutionary concept .

3.)I acknowledge a depth of power far greater than that apparent to the average person . Because it is far greater than ordinary it is" supernatural " , but I see it as lying within that which is naturally potential to us all .

4.)I conceive of the Creative Power in the universe as manifesting through polarity as masculine and feminine( My mother Goddess and Father God )and that this same Creative Power lies in all people and functions through the interactions of masculine and feminine .I value neither above the other knowing that each to be supportive of the other .

5.)I recognize both outer worlds and inner , or psychological worlds sometimes known as the Spiritual world, and the collective unconsciousness , and I see the interactions of these  two dimensions the basis of paranormal phenomenon and magical exercises .I neglect neither dimension for the other , seeing how they are both necessary for my fulfillment .

6.)I do not recognize any authoritarian hierarchy, but do Honor those who teach , Respect those who share greater knowledge and wisdom ,and acknowledge those who have courageously  given of themselves .

7.)I see Religion , Magick and Wisdom in living and being united in the way One views the world and lives within it  -a worldview and philosophy of life which I identify as Witchcraft  - the Wiccan way .

8.)Calling Oneself " Witch " does not make one Witch - neither does heredity itself ,nor the collection of titles , degrees and initiations. A Witch seeks to control the forces within her/himself that make life possible in order to live wisely and without harm to others and in harmony with Nature .

9.)I believe in the affirmation and fulfillment of life in a continuation of evolution and development of consciousness giving meaning to the Universe I know and the personal role within it .

10.)My only animosity towards  Christianity, or towards other religion or philosophy of life ,is to extent that its institutions have claimed to be THE ONLY WAY, and have sought to deny freedom to others and to suppress others ways of religious practice and belief .

11.)As an American Witch , I am not threatened by debates on history of the Craft, the origins of various terms , the legitimacy of various aspects of different traditions .I am concerned with our present and our future . 

12.)I do not accept the concept of absolute evil ,nor do I worship any entity known as " Satan" or " the devil "as defined bu Christian tradition .I do not seek power through the suffering of others . nor do I accept that personal benefit can be derived only through the denial of another .

13.)I believe that we should seek within Nature that which is contributory to our health and wellbeing .

I feel no need to worship in a church, Nature is my Church . I do not give money to a establishment to do good things for others I do good things for others . I find it fascinating that there are many concepts of the Wiccan / Pagan belief system that have been adapted and altered to fit in with other religion concepts .  Mother Nature is my Mother and the Earth is my home . I try to walk with her the best way I can .She is the sky above me and the Earth below my my feet . She is the changing tides of the Ocean ,the phases of the Moon , She is the air that I breathe and the rain that falls . I put no names , no titles to her other than Mother and Father . They are One together, two apart.  They are both in the same . You can not create life with one alone . ( unless you are a worm , that is not my field ) What is my field you ask ? Well, my field..... is to learn and create , to love  and to laugh . My field is to help those that I can , to teach those who ask . To grow and to live in peace with those around me . That is my field . Brightest blessing to you who travel here .

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Cooking Oils Ideas,

   Fun with Cooking Oils and  Labels  . I went and worked on my Herb cabinets again yesterday , and a very dear friend came to visit me while I was in the wilds of  conjuring my cooking oils and with my labeling / relabeling of the bottles I had created . ( with the fun labels I got from the use of Pinterest ) I will infuse my cooking Oils with different herbs to create a better , magical cooking experience .Not only do I find this to be loads of fun but it is also beneficial in creating a perfectly useful edible  healing oil  while  preparing  meals for my family . All herbs have other properties and these properties are the same that our ancestors used to heal with everyday . It is just that through time some of that knowledge has  been forgotten,  lost .So I am going to shine some light on it .. Since we all have to eat why not be knowledgeable in the foods we consume ?Here are some of my Favorites. 
                        "My" Go To Oils 

    OLIVE OIL :which has been known for reducing coronary heart disease , prevention of some   cancers and reductions in anti inflammatory issues .
    CORN OIL :Low in saturated fats . Great for skin and hair care and massage oils , muscle rubs. Has a cholesterol lowering effect, can help reduce blood pressure . High in Vitamin E and  Vitamin K and Choline-which is similar to Vitamin B  ( is used for Liver disease ,depression , memory loss )
    SUNFLOWER OIL :This one is an all around wonder oil compared to some others I have come  across . This one has heart health , boost energy ,can lower cholesterol , reduce inflammation from  arthritis .
    VEGETABLE OIL : It is a great carrier oil .
    SAFFRON OIL :Nice fragrance but it can help with things from hair loss to enhanced sexual drive
  to improving mental health issues and treating wounds and scars.
    GRAPE SEED OIL :High in Vitamin E
    COCONUT OIL : This is a super food . Better brain function ,helps teeth (fights cavities ) I can tell  you from experience It has made cavities disappear .They just heal I tell you . Helps fight off infections .Weight loss ,improve cholesterol  ,

        Olive Oil pares well with any of these herbs                                                     
Such as I find that Olive Oil mixes really well with the  following :

       Thyme  :   Psychic  Powers , Health , Healing , Sleep , Love , Purification , Courage
A few Bottles I made for my friends
father who just got home from the hospital

  Rosemary :Protection , Love , Lust , Mental Powers ,
                   Exorcism , Purification , Healing , Sleep , Youth     
        Basil : Love , Healing , Protection
      Garlic :Protection , Healing , Exorcism , Lust , Anti-theft
      Onion : Protection , Exorcism , Healing , Money ,  
                  Prophetic , Dreams , Lust   
 Oregano : Happiness , Tranquility , Luck , Health, Protection  

Dried Oregano  and Basil
from my garden . I have come to find out when first diving into  Herbology and Botany I was a post-it fanatic ! ( I had little notes everywhere , being dyslexic it helped me organize) when it came to parring the magical and medical properties of the herbs. Making my task easier at hand . I could see directly on the label what I could use it for . It was much easier than fumbling through my books which I also did a lot of and I still do a lot of . I have my go to books always on hand  "Cunningham's Encyclopedia of Magical  Herbs  " and   "The Complete Book of Incense Oils and Brews" right inside the herb cabinet as easy reference .                                                         
                             To infuse the oil . I take my base oil and gather my herbs while thinking of the goal I wish to accomplish ( such as I always wish good health to my family ) and while thinking of preparing a great healthy meal I add the herbs to the oil . I love adding fresh Garlic cloves to any cooking oil it just tastes great and the Garlic helps fend off illness .I hope i didn't ramble too much and I hope you 
got the idea have fun in your home and most definitely in your kitchen thats where Magic is at hand.

Friday, September 4, 2015

Book of Shadows

Your Book of Shadows 

           I have heard  and read in ever so many  interviews ,books and articles about how One's Book of Shadows is to remain  a "SECRET" only to be seen by those in your coven . I am not disputing that at all  everyone has their own way  and order of doing things .  I am a firm believer however that if One has knowledge or a gift say you that ,that knowledge or gift should be shared freely at no cost to the seeker . All the seeker has to do is ask.  Which in many cases that may very well be the case . However how can some one who is interested in Witchcraft even get started . I mean unless I am standing in a "Black pointy hat holding a broom " you are not going to know I am a witch . So, the problem with that is how can others learn about such things if they are not in a coven per say ? How can someone who has grown up in one religion ask about another without hurting someone's feelings ?  There are always book stores which  are great . ( I could not tell you in my early years how I loved going to Booksamillion and just sat in the section in awe of  the variety of books they had  but ,  now a days it is kind of sad because the books are all about the same thing ,in the same order  Gods, Goddess' ,colors candles, Tarot ,Runes )Blah ! Now a days  there is always the internet . 
                                                          Bam ! Here we are . 
                                       I had to get that out of the way (tiny rant)
    OK, since I am not in a coven .  I have and always will give and express      openly , share  the knowledge (POINT OF VIEW ) that I have  gained throughout my 44 years in the craft . I have never nor will I ever feel the need to knock obtrusively on strange peoples doors and try to push my point of view on to them .That is one thing I Love about the" craft " one is allowed the freedom to alter a Spell a Ritual a sitting to make it your own . What makes you comfortable in what you are doing  is key to a successful outcome . That is why I am doing this blog for those of you who may be scared to ask , scared to seek out knowledge for yourself .  I can not stress this enough that this is  the way this one Witch does things and if it helps you in any way I am glad .There are  many books that I have read and continue to read  about the craft . That is one thing I recommend to you LEARN.... never stop learning .

                                                     Back to the Book of Shadows, 
    I would like to think of a Book of Shadows as a  personal  guide book full of recipes that helps me change how I see the world around me ,a guide to help me create the world I want to be apart of  . A  book that I created to help me in my endeavors .  I have several  throughout my home that I use for different things .  I have my so called everyday reference Book of Shadows which consist of Three 3 ring binders  .(they continue to grow because I continue to learn) they contain different Spells and Rituals  I have printed out on different  types of paper , some are decorated , some I drew out myself  you can find tons of these on  Pinterest , Deviantart , Google , Bing( pretty much what ever floats your boat ) I could go on  but, I wont . I'll save that for later . I find pages that inspire me , print them out , punch holes in the them and put them in a binder . That way I can organize them the way I want . 


 My middle daughter went on ebay         and found a really cool  blank  leather bound book with a lock on it and gave it to me at Yule on year . As you can see I found pages on glued them in it but , when I did that I realized I can't change it later . So I figured I would use the 3 ring binders.

I went to Hobby Lobby and found this really cool Sketchbook  ( it is the large one in the middle ) and I brought it home my youngest daughter decorated it  and we call it the "Cook of Shadows " Fun . It has our favorite recipes in it and                  there are sections for the different meals with empty pages so that things can  be added  at a later time for when my daughters have children

          I think there is literally no right way to make your Book of Shadows  you get out of it what you put into it . Have fun . Do what feels right for you . Here are some from throughout my years . When you first start off it's a ledger or a journal , spiral note book and then as time goes by you take what works best for you  from here and put it there . 
                                Your dreams , spells that for you just whatever . 
 I dont know if any of this helps you but it is how I have gathered my information  throughout the years . It has taken  me many, many Moons to gather and pick and choose what I wanted to put in mine ..
Brightest Blessing to you ....

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Music to help Create ,

I have come to find that the right type of music is needed at times to put One in the correct frame of mind for working MAGIC (or for just existing) Music plays a huge part in my everyday life which is beneficial in my magical life as well . Now there are apps you can find that play just about any type of music you enjoy .I have a playlist on my media player but , by all means of course use what you are familiar with to put together a magical compilation if you will a , playlist what have you . A simple thing that many of us may already do , but for others however they may be too busy to think of such a thing .

Goddess knows I get to busy to think . ( On occasion ) That's why I think this is a great idea . And for those of you who may not have any songs come to mind let me give you some ideas . Please . (It is my pleasure ) Music is a great way to get into that magical frame of mind , for bring together cosmic energies to help one create change in your environment.

   Now of course we always have my go to's ( my favorites) lets start with Groups shall we? Now first and foremost we have the Great
   Led Zeppelin , any thing here is a great fit .(my opinion)their music has that bit of mysticism to it which is why I always try to listen to them at some point in time in my day .

   The Doors , are another option if your really like that far out acid rock kind of feel( I am sure " Light my Fire " would be great for any type of Fire magic . The repetitive sound would also be great for one rip roaring fire dance.

   Paul Simon  " Sounds of Silence" I just love the older music it was like they had a better grip on things then some of the stuff now a days . (OMGoddess I am older than I thought I sound like an old person )not that there is anything wrong with that . When I was younger I loved listening to the older music and now that I'm older I still love it .

   Blue Oyster Cult well, " Nights in White Satin " Of course . It has that laid back type of vibe and I am always down for groovy tunes. There are so many great songs here as well, ironically enough
" Burnin' for You "  I realize that this may bother some, because many of my brethren died in the fires during the 16th and 17th centuries that is why I said ironically  and ,let us not forget 

" Don't fear the Reaper "  Well, I don't . That too is a fact of life . It is all in how you look at it . Perspective .

                            Moving on ....

   Van Morrison another fabulous choice ." Moondance " Hello , that says it all . " Into the Mystic " is one I adore .(I have that set as my alarm ringtone ,it just make me so happy ) Remember use what ever  music / sounds that make you feel . What ever the emotional need  you're going for " these " are just suggestions to help get you started on your magical journey of your day .

   Donovan " Season of the Witch " is a fabulous tune to get your witchy way in motion.

   Adele is great if you are in need of help in conjuring up power that you may need in any Love / Heartbreak magic One may be doing . ( Just saying her voice is so powerful she could shake the shingles of a roof .)

   Disturbed and Godsmack is GREAT for drumming up a primal strength and courage when needed . I find it particularly handy in creating a drive/motivation .(Who knew ? I did .)

  The Byrds' Turn Turn Turn "  any music that represents the Seasons is wonderful it really doesnt matter who it is by. 

What you are shooting for is to conjure " power/energy " that we hold in ourselves to Create .The feeling of goose bumps, chills,emotion is power . When you hear a song that moves you that emotion is energy that can be used to Create a change in our environment. Ones Mood for instance . If you are in a sour mood and you hear , Say "Thunderstruck" by AC/DC you are likely to get pumped up . If you are sad and you hear " Monster Mash " by Bobby Pickett & The Crypt Kickers your mood is likely to change from being sad to            confused or even amused to where you are not
sad anymore you're wondering why is that playing .Music can help in your everyday life and in your magic so why not surround your self  (if only for a time being ) with things that are helpful to you ?

  OK , I think we're getting the hang of this now so I will just give you a few more ideas .. Song wise but , like I said use what suits you . When you listen try to keep in mind of how the music makes you feel .

     All Souls Night - Loreena McKennitt   
It is all a matter of perspective .
     House of the Rising Sun - Bob Dylan 
     Fly me to the Moon - Frank Sinatra
     I put a Spell on You - Bette Midler
I know it sounds kind of corny but these are just examples just because I like to listen to  these types of songs . I know , I know , I love Samhain (Halloween)and therefore I play witchy types of music as a way to get me into the mood . ( even this ) Writing to you . I wake up in the morning and either turn on Pandora in the living room or I come into my study and listen to my witchy mix to get my day going . I am just suggesting you do the same . Find a way to have Fun and Music and Magic in your everyday life even if you are not Wiccan, Pagan, Witch, or Wizard . You only have one life to live (this go round) why not live it happy .
                  Brightest blessing to you and yours 

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

I am Wicca and Wicca is me....: Corn Husk Dolls

I am Wicca and Wicca is me....: Corn Husk Dolls:  Starting to add to my blog ,    I am thinking about what types of things I can talk about that will be interesting to others and all I ...

Corn Husk Dolls

 Starting to add to my blog , 

 I am think about what types of things I can talk about that will be interesting to others and all I can come up with is I am just going to write and if others are interested then great and if no one is interested well that's OK too .  So I am Wiccan like you didn't know already . Let make some corn husk dolls shall we ? 

First of all there is only a few things you will need 

( Funny story my husband came home for lunch and seen what I was doing and he was like are those MY Tamale wraps you are using to make your corn dolls? I said ''No , these are the corn husks that  I use to do what ever with ." ) 

                           Well , I thought it was funny . So  , lets get back to it . Shall we?   

                                                              OK  and now lets begin.
I have found that it really does not matter if the water in the pot is warm or cold and 
as far as the amount goes you want enough to cover the corn husks.
Like so ....
And when the Corn husks are pliable  you will need to take out 2 pretty big pieces and then smaller filler ones on the inside . I ripped the large husk apart so my doll have a nice so what uniform feel to them but by all means you should make your how you feel .

                                             After I have the 2 sides I begin to build my dolls .
I place the large pieces in the center and the smaller pieces on the out side for filler. Then tie the hemp cord ( that's what I am using )
where it looks like a tiny head with two long legs .

Then you take a piece of you String ,
 Twine , Ribbon
what ever you are using .
                             From here is where it gets a bit confusing but it is really simple 
Then fold over where the knob is center  

Like so . Use a piece of hemp cord
Poof you have a head on your doll

OK , know we are going to make the arms . I take 6 pieces a half inch wide  (The corn husks are really easy to rip you don't need the scissors until you finish the arms .) and I braid them                                                                                    together.

 I tie 1 end together and then I begin to braid down the whole length and tie the other end together and now we use our scissors to cut and angle on both sides of the arm piece .
Now that we have the arms done we can go back and get the body piece . 
Separate the body and insert arms . At this time  take a piece of Corn Husk and rip 2 pieces about a 1/2 inch . These will be the sleeves on the dress .Fold them over the arms and tie in the    middle and Poof you had a 

                                       Corn Husk Doll

Perfect for Tree Ornaments or what ever you need it for .. (Wink Wink)

September 1st !

September 1st ! 
         Some say time for witching crafts, but come on we do our activities all year round  ,don't we? I say One needs to surround yourself with magic in your everyday life . After all we are who we are , and  well , let me show you . I collect jars .( for example ) . I recycle the candle jars after I use the candle for what ever i need the candle for . I will melt down the left over wax that is left in the jar that never seems to get used and I will make a new candles and then clean the jar and bam ! An Apothecary jar. Perfect for storing herbs or whatever .( giggle)

Just a Small part of one of my cabinets

These pickle jars make Excellent storage Jars .
 The witching hour draws closer and closer  .                     
  Awh who am I kidding ? I'm Wiccan . So  my witching hour is everyday of my life . lol 
 Since John  (that's my main squeeze) wont let me put up any ''Decorations" until October 1st  . I have gone around and created  a since of wonder and fun into our everyday lives and  little does he know( or ?) maybe he does,  and my oddness has become normal to him  that I have magic spread through out our home . ( Witch  , giggle ) Is what 
everyone should have in there life . Like for instance all most every one reading this has a spice cabinet ,     
Sugar Containers the glass one was a candle . 

But we have an Herbal  Apothecary Cabinet . Herbs 
are not just to making Ones food taste better , but 
the also have the ability to help other things , such as Pain , Illness , Sleeping doing thing from  easing  a head ache to relieving cramps etc. etc. etc. 

 Fun and Easy to do . 
Brightest of Blessing to you and thanks for reading .

Merry meet,

   Long time no see, or, well, in this case long time no write, or long time no read. How have you been my dear friends? I have not been wri...