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                                                                                   Ahh Mabon , the time of the year of the Autumn Equinox between September 20th and 23rd.  This is the second of the three  harvests of the year when the faint breeze of an Autumn chill starts to creep in to fill the air with wonderful thoughts of ,  Well , in my case hot apple cider (with a grown up kick to it) the thoughts of getting my bake on . I mean , I love to cook but in the darker months that make up Autumn and Winter I am truly happy. Cooking away at my hearth( ie stove ) remember it is all a matter of perspective . Baking pies and honing in on my bread recipes for the winter months . I cherish my times of cooking , and sharing with my family . That is one thing I miss most about my mom she may of not liked you most of the time but ,when it came to getting together to feast with those she liked (which for few ) and even those she didn't like she would cook and it was great . This t

Early morning ponderings ,

                                                                                    You never realize how busy you are until you start a blog . I started this blog to share some of the insights that I have found to help me throughout the years on my journey in the Craft . I have found that it is pretty simple . No complexities to it .                                My Principles of the Wiccan belief.  1.) I practice rites to attune with the natural rhythm of the life force that are marked by the phases of the Moon and the seasonal Quarter and cross quarters . 2.)I recognize that our intelligence gives us a unique responsibility towards our environment.I seek to live in harmony with nature in ecological balance offering balance fulfillment to life and consciousness within an evolutionary concept . 3.)I acknowledge a depth of power far greater than that apparent to the average person . Because it is far greater than ordinary it is" supernatural " , but I see it as

Cooking Oils Ideas,

    Fun with Cooking Oils and  Labels  . I went and worked on my Herb cabinets again yesterday , and a  very dear friend came to visit me while I was in the wilds of  conjuring my cooking oils and with my labeling / relabeling of the bottles I had created . ( with the fun labels I got from the use of Pinterest ) I will infuse my cooking Oils with different herbs to create a better , magical cooking experience .Not only do I find this to be loads of fun but it is also beneficial in creating a perfectly useful edible  healing oil  while  preparing  meals for my family . All herbs have other properties and these properties are the same that our ancestors used to heal with everyday . It is just that through time some of that knowledge has  been forgotten,  lost .So I am going to shine some light on it .. Since we all have to eat why not be knowledgeable in the foods we consume ?Here are some of my Favorites.                                               "My" Go To Oils 

Book of Shadows

Your Book of Shadows                                                                                           I have heard  and read in ever so many  interviews ,books and articles about how One's Book of Shadows is to remain  a "SECRET" only to be seen by those in your coven . I am not disputing that at all  everyone has their own way  and order of doing things .  I am a firm believer however that if One has knowledge or a gift say you that ,that knowledge or gift should be shared freely at no cost to the seeker . All the seeker has to do is ask.  Which in many cases that may very well be the case . However how can some one who is interested in Witchcraft even get started . I mean unless I am standing in a "Black pointy hat holding a broom " you are not going to know I am a witch . So, the problem with that is how can others learn about such things if they are not in a coven per say ? How can someone who has grown up in one religion ask about another w

Music to help Create ,

I have come to find that the right type of music is needed at times to put One in the correct frame of mind for working MAGIC (or for just existing)  Music plays a huge part in my everyday life which is beneficial in my magical life as well . Now there are apps you can find that play just about any type of music you enjoy .I have a playlist on my media player but , by all means of course use what you are familiar with to put together a magical compilation if you will a , playlist what have you . A simple thing that many of us may already do , but for others however they may be too busy to think of such a thing . Goddess knows I get to busy to think . ( On occasion ) That's why I think this is a great idea . And for those of you who may not have any songs come to mind let me give you some ideas . Please . (It is my pleasure ) Music is a great way to get into that magical frame of mind , for bring together cosmic energies to help one create change in your environment.    No

Corn Husk Dolls

 Starting to add to my blog ,    I am think about what types of things I can talk about that will be interesting to others and all I can come up with is I am just going to write and if others are interested then great and if no one is interested well that's OK too .  So I am Wiccan like you didn't know already . Let make some corn husk dolls shall we ?  First of all there is only a few things you will need  ( Funny story my husband came home for lunch and seen what I was doing and he was like are those MY Tamale wraps you are using to make your corn dolls? I said ''No , these are the corn husks that  I use to do what ever with ." )                              Well , I thought it was funny . So  , lets get back to it . Shall we?                                                                  OK  and now lets begin. I have found that it really does not matter if the water in the pot is warm or cold and  as far as the amount goes you wan

September 1st !

September 1st !                   Some say time for witching crafts, but come on we do our activities all year round  ,don't we? I say One needs to surround yourself with magic in your everyday life . After all we are who we are , and  well , let me show you .  I collect jars .( for example ) . I recycle the candle jars after I use the candle for what ever i need the candle for . I will melt down the left over wax that is left in the jar that never seems to get used and I will make a new candles and then clean the jar and bam ! An Apothecary jar. Perfect for storing herbs or whatever .( giggle) Just a Small part of one of my cabinets These pickle jars make Excellent storage Jars .  The witching hour draws closer and closer  .                        Awh who am I kidding ? I'm Wiccan . So  my witching hour is everyday of my life . lol   Since John  (that's my main squeeze) wont  let me put up any ''Decorations" until October 1st  .  I have gone ar