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Music to help Create ,

I have come to find that the right type of music is needed at times to put One in the correct frame of mind for working MAGIC (or for just existing) Music plays a huge part in my everyday life which is beneficial in my magical life as well . Now there are apps you can find that play just about any type of music you enjoy .I have a playlist on my media player but , by all means of course use what you are familiar with to put together a magical compilation if you will a , playlist what have you . A simple thing that many of us may already do , but for others however they may be too busy to think of such a thing .

Goddess knows I get to busy to think . ( On occasion ) That's why I think this is a great idea . And for those of you who may not have any songs come to mind let me give you some ideas . Please . (It is my pleasure ) Music is a great way to get into that magical frame of mind , for bring together cosmic energies to help one create change in your environment.

   Now of course we always have my go to's ( my favorites) lets start with Groups shall we? Now first and foremost we have the Great
   Led Zeppelin , any thing here is a great fit .(my opinion)their music has that bit of mysticism to it which is why I always try to listen to them at some point in time in my day .

   The Doors , are another option if your really like that far out acid rock kind of feel( I am sure " Light my Fire " would be great for any type of Fire magic . The repetitive sound would also be great for one rip roaring fire dance.

   Paul Simon  " Sounds of Silence" I just love the older music it was like they had a better grip on things then some of the stuff now a days . (OMGoddess I am older than I thought I sound like an old person )not that there is anything wrong with that . When I was younger I loved listening to the older music and now that I'm older I still love it .

   Blue Oyster Cult well, " Nights in White Satin " Of course . It has that laid back type of vibe and I am always down for groovy tunes. There are so many great songs here as well, ironically enough
" Burnin' for You "  I realize that this may bother some, because many of my brethren died in the fires during the 16th and 17th centuries that is why I said ironically  and ,let us not forget 

" Don't fear the Reaper "  Well, I don't . That too is a fact of life . It is all in how you look at it . Perspective .

                            Moving on ....

   Van Morrison another fabulous choice ." Moondance " Hello , that says it all . " Into the Mystic " is one I adore .(I have that set as my alarm ringtone ,it just make me so happy ) Remember use what ever  music / sounds that make you feel . What ever the emotional need  you're going for " these " are just suggestions to help get you started on your magical journey of your day .

   Donovan " Season of the Witch " is a fabulous tune to get your witchy way in motion.

   Adele is great if you are in need of help in conjuring up power that you may need in any Love / Heartbreak magic One may be doing . ( Just saying her voice is so powerful she could shake the shingles of a roof .)

   Disturbed and Godsmack is GREAT for drumming up a primal strength and courage when needed . I find it particularly handy in creating a drive/motivation .(Who knew ? I did .)

  The Byrds' Turn Turn Turn "  any music that represents the Seasons is wonderful it really doesnt matter who it is by. 

What you are shooting for is to conjure " power/energy " that we hold in ourselves to Create .The feeling of goose bumps, chills,emotion is power . When you hear a song that moves you that emotion is energy that can be used to Create a change in our environment. Ones Mood for instance . If you are in a sour mood and you hear , Say "Thunderstruck" by AC/DC you are likely to get pumped up . If you are sad and you hear " Monster Mash " by Bobby Pickett & The Crypt Kickers your mood is likely to change from being sad to            confused or even amused to where you are not
sad anymore you're wondering why is that playing .Music can help in your everyday life and in your magic so why not surround your self  (if only for a time being ) with things that are helpful to you ?

  OK , I think we're getting the hang of this now so I will just give you a few more ideas .. Song wise but , like I said use what suits you . When you listen try to keep in mind of how the music makes you feel .

     All Souls Night - Loreena McKennitt   
It is all a matter of perspective .
     House of the Rising Sun - Bob Dylan 
     Fly me to the Moon - Frank Sinatra
     I put a Spell on You - Bette Midler
I know it sounds kind of corny but these are just examples just because I like to listen to  these types of songs . I know , I know , I love Samhain (Halloween)and therefore I play witchy types of music as a way to get me into the mood . ( even this ) Writing to you . I wake up in the morning and either turn on Pandora in the living room or I come into my study and listen to my witchy mix to get my day going . I am just suggesting you do the same . Find a way to have Fun and Music and Magic in your everyday life even if you are not Wiccan, Pagan, Witch, or Wizard . You only have one life to live (this go round) why not live it happy .
                  Brightest blessing to you and yours 


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