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Temu free or not free these are my questions

  WOW! It has been a while messing with Temu 12 DAYS and for sometime 12 days playing the games trying to get something for "free" oddly enough people pop up constantly while in my Temu app saying so and so just won blah blah blah but do they really the win or is it a gimmick to get one to buy more ? The answer to those questions are kind of yeah . I mean for what I gather the Temu objective is to 1. have people on their site 2. people need to be entertained 3.PEOPLE NEED TO SPEND MONEY and another most important objective for Temu is to keep a human being with money on the app because if are preoccupied with watering ,crops corn and feeding fish you may get all wound up in not losing in a match and to get more food /water you will pop over where we are more likely to buy something ( because no one want to lose . So in the matter of a gimmick that is a big huge YES !!! Although , I being a comparison shopper and one who is always on the loo