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A Brief Introduction of Me

                                                                                   April  27 , 2015 Good Morning My Friend ,  I hope you are well today . I have so much that is going on I really don't know where to begin . I wise man once said ''being at the beginning''. I am a woman who as been in the Craft my entire life even before I knew what it was . When I was small ,  I was really small .  I knew things I should not of known .Things about nature and magic .I knew these things with out being taught .  I knew things before my elders . Like who would be on the other end of the telephone before it was answered and the things they would say before they were said . I loved outdoors it was a way of escaping all of the abuse of a step father. I would run to the woods to free myself of the drama that surly was at home waiting for me  . I can remember when I was a little girl ,my mother getting upset at me for playing in my closet , mixing  spices and h