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                                           Lavender  Lavender ( lavendula officinal or L.Vera )- tranquil aroma  Folk name: Elf Leaf Gender : Masculine Planet : Mercury Element : Air ( very fragrant ) Powers : Love, Protection , Sleep ,Chastity , Longevity ,               Purification , Happiness , Peace . Magical Uses: Used in Love Spells and Sachets .                        Lavender Water           *Lavender Oils - Protects against cruel treatment of others * Also used in burning and smudging to induce rest .       Lavender Money Bag         Needed small bag , Lavender , 7 different denominations of money . It doesn’t matter coin or bill just only 7. Add money to the bag . Add ( dried Flower blossoms ) Lavender . (It will draw money to you plus you will never be broke because you always have money in your bag ) I replace money with larger denominations as they are drawn to me .    There is nothing like the smell of  Lavender regardless of fresh or dry

So over commercialism ,

                  I am so over Commercialism !  The holidays no longer bring joy to me like back in the good old days .  Back in the day (just a few years ago ) seasons came with the anticipation of knowing what holiday was coming and the excitement of what magic awaits ahead .There in knowing with not only the fact the the season changing  but soon you would see commercials for the coming holiday at hand . Now a days one season is hardly over and commerce therein commercialism  is cramming in multiple  seasons and therefore holidays together . Which to me kills the spirit of the holiday . I mean it is Summer and I went to town last week to get supplies and turned the corner in one store and seen School supplies , Halloween decorations , Thanksgiving  and Christmas all together at the same time . WHAT?!! My head almost exploded .  ( Times like this I am so grateful I am Wiccan we celebrate the season NOT A HOLIDAY which this actually brings me closer my Goddess ) It helps me re

August 2017

                                       Here are a few things I found , dug up and pinned                                                                    I hope you enjoy . Good Peace always  to You and Yours ......  These are different pages from different places that I found some to be knowledgeable and worthy of sharing . I am sure that perhaps some of you have seen these before ,but perhaps maybe some of you have not  or , perhaps something here is something you had come across but could not find again so in that case ......You are Welcome . (lol) I myself am an Autumn Baby and I get so excited when August arrives because I know that Autumn is not too far behind . The expected Crisp in the air that arrives ....Op! Op ! , I am getting ahead of myself  here ...... back to August .     AUGUST FULL STURGEON MOON         A bit of Zodiac Moon knowledge to share : Sorry about the blur   These I pulled off of a disc I bought on eBa