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February- Imbolc / Candlemas / Celebrations of the returning light .

                                                  Welcome friends long time no write .....                                                                or in your case read ....                                                             ( teeheehee)          Here are a few things I have in my stock of information on .... Oh just about everything . I thought that perhaps they may spark into a flame from browsing around the web of global information on the coming month of the new year . The night of the year is drawing to a close, but just as a storm can be the most fierce before the calm resides so to can Winter be most brutal just before Spring .In February  we continue to work on One's inner powers and make it possible to confront One's personal truths. The Full Moon of this month sheds enough light to see into One's own darkness and return you to the light .                           Moon of the Seer or you may know it as the Seer's Moon .