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Fur Baby Treats

      Fur Baby Goodies       2 oz. Meat baby food  What knot Jars ...  First off gather your                       supplies   1)  2 oz. of pureed meat I use baby food meat.      2) 1 cup  Wheat Germ              I like to use baby food that way I have a neat tiny jar  for herbs or what knots. WHA LAA! 1 CUP of Wheat Germ   Mixed until crumbly. It will look like it is a bit dry but no worries if it does not form small coin shape any where from the diameter of a nickle to a quarter you can add a dash of water .       ( I have not had any issues )   I make the tiny coin shape treat about a half inch thick because you will squish them down just a smidgen with  a fork to give them that nice peanut butter cookie design. If you need to add a bit of water to your hands do what feels right to you . I like my hand to be as dry as possible when forming the treats .      Dip your fork into the water and squish not      to much pressure the

Full Moon Magic

                                                      Welcome and Blessings to you .... Here are a few things I have dug out of a fews books of shadows that some may find interesting ...                                                                                                                                                                      Enjoy....    I found these on                  Pinterest . I came across this on Pinterest and since it has no name I can not give a link . I find it pleasant.   I think these are lovely. I am so grateful for the internet one can find so much useful information upon it .  I try to burn a fire during the full moon but I can not always do that . You can use candle light ( as long as it is in a safe place ) and at times I use nothing except an image in my mind .            Always .....       REMEMBER (One does not always need a big elaborate ritual or ceremony to say thank you to
                                            MAY YOUR DAY BE FILLED WITH MAGIC