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Fur Baby Treats


Fur Baby Goodies 

2 oz. Meat baby food 
What knot Jars ...

 First off gather your                       supplies 
 1)  2 oz. of pureed meat I use baby food meat.    

 2) 1 cup  Wheat Germ        


 I like to use baby food that way I have a neat tiny jar  for herbs or what knots.

1 CUP of Wheat Germ 
 Mixed until crumbly. It will look like it is a bit
dry but no worries if it does not form small coin shape any where from the diameter of a nickle to a quarter you can add a dash of water . 

     ( I have not had any issues ) 
 I make the tiny coin shape treat about a half inch thick because you will squish them down just a smidgen with a fork to give them that nice peanut butter cookie design. If you need to add a bit of water to your hands do what feels right to you . I like my hand to be as dry as possible when forming the treats .

 Dip your fork
into the water
and squish not      to much pressure they       are really delicate treats 
they may be a bit sticky at this stage . 

         Now the comes the fun part .......
 I use my tiny convection oven just because it is a small batch . One 2 oz. jar of food and the cup of Wheat Germ
makes 15 quarter size fur baby treats that  now if you plan to make them as gifts during the Yuletide season by at all means use your regular size oven or you will be doing nothing but making treats for hours ... well, it takes up to  20 to 25 minutes per batch of 15 treats so you do the math ..... Bake at 250*

So good and if they were not so dry I would even ate them but I would have to have a lot of water
I am sure they would give that ... I am full of baby food and wheat germ kind of feeling .

 And this is the finished product . They look the same going in to the oven as they do coming out. I took an empty candle jar that I had cleaned after recycling the small bit of wax out of it .
Printed out a cute label I found surfing the web years ago .(that's right YEARS ago I often find things like labels and tags while surfing the web and I print them out to be used at a later date )
It serves it purpose. It has a bit of water damage because I didn't seal it with packing tape . I do this with A----lot of my jars ,that way I have magic all over my kitchen and storage areas.

            Fur babies just love them . 
                 Pyewackit loves them too .

Recipe in its entity :  2 oz of pureed meat I use baby food 
                                   1 cup of Wheat Germ
Mix together and form into small thick coins about the size of a quarter 1/2 inch thick . This will yield 15 quarter size treats . Now if you have a bigger dog of course it will take more . Just remember 2oz of meat to 1 cup of Wheat germ . and you will be fine . You could even, if you want to be ... more elaborate you could substitute a bit say . With a cup of finely chopped Oatmeal  ....or.... you could go half a cup Oatmeal and half a cup Wheat Germ .It is literally that simple .
                            Two ingredients . Happy Fur Baby Treat Making to You  


                                                      From the Cook of Shadows


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