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June Correspondences

   May Love and Light Guide all your                       days..... Welcome to My June page I hope this month finds you well . . I find I am enjoying this Summer more than I have in the past for some reason I have not yet. figured it out yet . These are a few Pages out of my Book of Shadows . I just thought I would share a bit of myself with you . I hope they are not to difficult to read as I have designed each page myself .                     Fonts ,                                Color                                          and Images .... I just Love the internet and all that One can access to create and design something completely original to suit Ones own style . I have been working on my Book of Shadows today among other things .                   - Dandelion Wine -                                                                       Petal Only                           4 cups Dandelion                  (If you don't trim )                  1 Gallo