Thursday, June 29, 2017

June Correspondences

 May Love and Light Guide all your

Welcome to My June page I hope this month finds you well . . I find I am enjoying this Summer more than I have in the past for some reason I have not yet. figured it out yet .

These are a few Pages out of my Book of Shadows . I just thought I would share a bit of myself with you . I hope they are not to difficult to read as I have designed each page myself .
                    Fonts ,
                                         and Images ....

I just Love the internet and all that One can access to create and design something completely original to suit Ones own style .

I have been working on my Book of Shadows today among other things .

                  - Dandelion Wine -
                                                                      Petal Only        
                  4 cups Dandelion                  (If you don't trim )
                 1 Gallon of Water               (green from the flower)
                 1 Package of Yeast             ( petals it will be bitter )
                    8 cups Sugar
         1 Orange and 1 Lemon  (Sliced)  
Place the Dandelion Petals in boiling Water and allow steep over night . I than return it to the stove top to warm back up to 120* degrees and add the Yeast .
 Than let cool to room temperature again . Than I strain over cheese clothe to catch all the little tine bits and pieces of flower , fruit and herb. I than funnel into my fer-mentor and it is off and running . Now in about 6 to 8 weeks I will then strain again and place in to bottles ...
         Yummy and just think if it tastes good when you bottle it .... It will be Delicious ...

                                         Now than ,  I hope you find these entertaining and enjoyable
                                                                                                    .. Good Peace..


Merry meet,

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