Friday, March 25, 2022

Merry meet,


 Long time no see, or, well, in this case long time no write, or long time no read. How have you been my dear friends? I have not been writing because well, I have not felt well enough. Sur, I occasionally have been uploading to my YouTube channel, and two of my daughters have talked me into doing TIKTOKS! I am very pleased that the things I share on my Pinterest seem to remain helpful to others in inspiring them in their magical and creative workings in life. 

I know that's nuts but kind of fun . however I have been on a journey of soul searching and I have come to realize that I believe myself to be a spiritual being having a human experience. That is what sets well with me so that is how I view my life at this point. Lets see what has been going on in my world? I am now 50 and all my daughters have moved n in their life journeys as well, Blessed, be and am so proud of them all.

I hope you and yours are well in this continuously trying time in our lives and human history of our planet. So many take offense in other opinions I had to step back to find my footing on how to navigate through this now incredibly stressing time. I am not going to take up too much of your time I just wanted to let you know I am slowly and ever so surely finding my feet (that's one of my favorite sayings) Many blessings to you and yours and may I also would like to say thank you to you for finding interest in my words. I appreciate each and every view you give. each and every time you read something I write it brings me such joy that is Magic no one can touch .

WOW!!! I HAVE NOT BEEN ON HERE SINCE 2016!!! First off allow me to say I am sorry for that but life happens and sometimes there is not mush one can do to prevent that.  Time sure fly by while life happens .  Again thank you so much for being here and taking interest in my writings . I will now share some photos of what I have been up to.


        This is the Happy Planner I am turning into a Grimoire 

                   This is one of my first Tiktoks 

I have started sewing again, inspired by Rhapso of Greek mythology who was a nymph or a minor goddess worshipped in Athens. She is known solely from an inscription of the 4th century BCE, found at Phaleron. Her name apparently derives from the Greek verb" to sew" or "to stitch". I have been working on a few different pieces . I don't see the need to buy something as long as I have the ability to sew I can create pieces that are infused with my intent and I can wear them like a shield of armor to give me strength and self security in the the fact of knowing I made it. That may seem silly to some but it make complete since to me. I simply bless my machines to whit I am grateful to know how to use.
Not too shabby if I do say so myself and I am aware that not every one appreciates my style but I'm cool with that, I also know there are haters everywhere, but, yet again.....

 Sticks and stones may break ONES bones,
                               but names will never hurt me .
And oddly enough that little charm is reported to have appeared in The Christian Recorder of March 1862, a publication of African Methodist Episcopal Church , where it is presented
 (pardon me while I giggle ) as an "old adage" in this from: Sticks and Stones may break my bones , but words will never break me. But names will never harm me. Did you know that?

        Just a bunch of witches if you ask me , I get a kick out             
         of looking back on the olden days and finding how the      
                        Christians religion used magic, 
                                          Don't you ?

Now I do not tend to think that everyone who reads my blog all has the same faith, or beliefs as myself nor do care.  I love all spiritual beings and that is what i believe we are have our life experiences that is we are all the same. we bleed the same we need the same things to survive  in closing this today I would like to wish you peace.


Always wishing you what your Gods and Goddess grant you, 


Saturday, February 20, 2021

My Magic

Merry Meet Readers 

  I hope you  are all doing well ,  I am just shocked and completely caught of guard .  I have not searched my blog title in a long time and I had no idea that it could be found let alone it was bam in your face . I am like freaking out right now . This caused me to realize that I have not been using my blog as I should be . I have had this domain name for several years now and I was so excited when it was recognized with a secure sight with the ''https'' . I really had no idea . I kind of feel a bit more like I need to share more witchy things from my life .The only thing with that though is I am  a Wiccan , I am  a healer , I am a student of life and guidance to some . I do practice crafting with the Divine daily . The thing is that what I do has become like breathing over the passing of time . I don't think of it as casting any longer it is just daily routine with benefits of a peaceful loving life.  I walk with the Divine daily from my first waking moments in the morning  thru the night when I sleep . I am surrounded by magic . I sleep with patchouli oil infused in side a metal Owl  hanging from my bed post . I sleep with lavender infused bedding to be relaxed and dream well . Speaking of dreams I made dream catchers and not only have them above the head of the bead they are hanging in every window that opens in our home to catch negativity that may try to enter .
  For instance every morning when I wake I am grateful just to wake up every morning . In brushing my teeth I make my own tooth paste , I use a bamboo tooth brush to cut down on waste . I walk out into the kitchen where our main altar sets in the middle of  the room that we made out of different Pine  to bring strength and wellness in every meal we prepare , from every herb we grow dry and use in our everyday cooking . The food we grow and can to consume starts with the constant beginning of thanks to the Lord and Lady in every season of preparation of  soil and seed . 

Our altar is bigger than most 

When I light  a small tea light candle that I  bless and say a quite prayer of peace and good will  to ALL LIFE . I mean every candle . Tea light , birthday , emergency . Every candle . The beginning of every blessing is the same .

        Mother and Father please bless this candle that I light in honor of you  for all that is . Thank you for all the blessings you give to me and mine and may we have strength . 

Now after that my words very depending on how we ( my family , friends and by friends these are the people that share with me through social media sites and many whom I know personally ) Personally now that is a word . Personal to me is sharing something of my life with you  . Now if that is what it means to you or not I do not know .In ending my blessing or well wishes to the worlds  depending on if others are sad or hurting,  I then add something along the lines of , Bless those in need with your strength and patients . Or something the last part is always different . Basically I Light a candle and send positive energy out into that is  for any in need of it .

Every time I do this I then close my eyes take a deep breath and exhale and instantly  I feel lighter . Energy flows through me I become all tingly , and warm ,happy and I am at peace . I make my husband and I a small something to eat .  Check my what to dos for the day ,  clean with my homemade cleansers that are so much environment. Make lunch , work on  what ever I am working on that day or sometimes I am not gonna lie to you . Sometimes I am productive and sometimes I am not but even when not being productive I am magical . I am surrounded by wonder everywhere in our home . Life is Magical .  Now I am not trying to sound all rainbows and butterflies even though I do have them on my walls through out our home . I actually went looking for a picture of them and Found Calvin and his buddy Hobbs hanging out and I just thought I would share the happy . I am blessed that I am able to know who I am and I allow my self to just be . I will be starting my journey  into the silver years of my life soon and I am will continue to grow into who I want to be .  We all have stories and  we are are traveling down different paths and trails . We are voyagers of this life it is a place before we transform yet again into something brighter .

I adore Calvin and Hobbs they rock  . They are magic the ability to bring a smile across someone's face is Magic . Caring about some else as in sending a silly meme , or a heart felt  single candle because your know their feeling of lose simply  in a text . Looking for just the perfect one all the while knowing they are going to feel something from your thought manifested in said meme is magical .  We all have that ability . I find that only with age does this understanding come front and center . When we age we begin to understand what is important to us and what is not so important to us . To me right now I want to share . I just want to share things I have learned so far in my life . I want to pass it on  . Not That I am some great fountain of knowledge but I have learned many things to find my peace and if I can pass any of that on I am going to . 

Shiconey ASolitaryWitch - YouTube  Good Peace to you and yours and always wishing you well 

Monday, February 15, 2021

After the Love is gone , by this I mean because yesterday was Valentines day


Hello dearest readers ,

    I hope you are well on this cold and raining morning . Well , at least its raining here . We had some thunder a few days ago so I am patiently waiting for snow . What is that old wives tale about when one hears  thunder during the winter ? Snow in 7 to 10 days ? I am testing that very wives tale out at this moment and I will defiantly share the out come ....

Do you have kids ? I do . This is not for just anybody who has kids . This is for those who have grown kids like  ones in their 20s and up. I am asking you parents . Does this ever happen to you out of no where do you get that attitude like you have done something to "oh piss them off  unknowingly some how ? " I don't know they were talking to you one day about whatever and you were not all engulfed with what they were sharing with you and , in doing this you did not give 100% of yourself to them by listening to whatever drama they tend to get entangled in . they get mad . their feelings are hurt . 

Okay well all I can say is be mad . when your head is  throbbing through your skull because you have this strange feeling like there  may be another infection in your jaw because of your teeth again ! Where the last time you felt that way you called to get a tooth removed they found a mass that was pushing a molar through your jaw bone ,which lead to emergency removal of  said mass and more teeth then thought . 

I mean I feel lucky my mother had to have all of her teeth removed in her 20s due to infections . I will be 50 this year and I am seriously thinking about dentures . My head kills me lately . My Jaw pops but, to honest it has always done that .I am trying not to drive myself crazy with worry . I am hoping I can get some answers today . About the kid thing . We as parents do what ever we can for our children no matter their age . I have found it is okay to let them be mad . its their feelings they put upon themselves . It is not our faults they struggle so much at times . It is because of choices they make .it is their life . I personally have more important things on my mind .

Thank you ever so much for reading .

Sunday, February 14, 2021

Happy Hearts Day

Just a little something I painted a bit Viking inspired 

Happy Heart  Day 

Happy Hearts day you Wonderful readers you ,

      Have you ever went and sat down at your desk to type a blog and go to start when you realize you need an image to start the page off and you then must halt typing to go in search of one . Realizing you this you pin the blog page to go in search of the perfect image . While searching for said perfect image you come across a tiny little gem of  you have been squirreling it away like a nut over a long  winter waiting to be able to use it .Finding this gem you again stop what your doing to open up another social media sight to insert said image ? No ? Just me than ? 

Okay but , is this not the cutest little nut ? Now, done with that . I mean is this little darling completely worth the twenty minutes it took to cross over share or what ? I think so . Unfortunately many  of you are covered in Winter .  I think . In my mind you are wrapped up in it like a blanket .

                     (in reality it is a cold mess) 

Where as we this year only have seen a bit of rain and alone with an ever so slight dusting of ice. I miss Winter . It has now been 2 long years here without a snow . I feel incomplete somehow not being able to experience all cycles of time as it passes by me . 

aha , it is what it is , I wont keep you .

                               I just wanted to wish you a very happy hearts day .


                                           Always good peace to you and yours .

Monday, February 8, 2021

Greetings from the Dark side

Greetings People ,

   I send greetings from the dark side well it is not truly dark here  . I just thought sounded good . I mean our home is a bit on the dark side for the fact that the curtains are pulled shut due to it being Winter and all . Our reminds me of a classic hobbit home though. Clean and tidy with warm tones and a welcoming  arura . It is a  bit a dark  . Well , that is how I imagine a hobbit home would be .  

 I am sitting here drinking coffee out of a remarkable mug it is the body of a cat  given to me by one of my daughters for Christmas .

Here is the amazing mug link :

Why is it that when One has several thoughts that one wants to write down  these things floating around like balloons  without away to right they a plentiful but, as soon as we find a pen and paper or sit down at the keys  all of those balloons disappear completely from the mind?

 Anyway in processing this most needed list of possible future accomplishments my mind is left blank so here sit at my computer banging out words . I did start to upload a video that too is left hanging in the balance of …. “ What am I doing today ? ’’ and yet still my mind is blank . I think as I type I might remember what I was going to put on my list but, alas I am left unfulfilled . 

* FYI  I did finish the upload for YouTube actually  I did two today and blogging as well  )

    My list  so far only two things 

                     :Edit video   who knew editing would be so easy ? 
Not me.  I have been dreading it for weeks . I don’t know why because I used to edit all the time. 
Fears ? What can one do but find away to work through them . Isn’t that the always the way  One builds things up in ones head so much that we fear it . 

                  Charge into that good night . Forward and onward .

         :Clean behind the work bench - in writing these words I felt like I was falling back in  my chair , sliding backwards somehow pulling on my leggings ! Let me tell you that was awkward to say the least . So I began to adjust my chair and suddenly I imagined myself as Snoopy fighting with that lawn / beach chair in that Thanksgiving special that used to show on television every year . Thanks to Apple since they bought the rights you must subscribe to their programming to watch it be like me and buy the DVD  

( okay well as far as this goes . … it has not happened yet  I have been working on my
                                                YouTube channel instead )

 I did however find some creates for sorting and storage of many of my supplies .  I also managed  to baked a loaf of homemade bread ,wash and fold and put away 2 loads of clothes . Vacuumed the house .  I am so much more involved with my life right now . I took time away to become more focused .These are crazy times  and some humans are acting so nuts . We all cope in different ways that is for sure.

 I believe at least I  have won this round in the battle of the desk chair . Perhaps not though I am sitting the same chair on very edge while typing for some reason ? It is working out okay but , I will definitely have to fix it later .

* UPDATE * Nope , come to find out I didn’t have to fix the chair after all . All I needed to do was I  had to bring the key board closer to me so I can keep my elbows at my side . See One can retain information from school (mumbles so many years later)

 I feel…… 
         I feel like I have accomplished a lot today . So far It has been very fulfilling . I will tie this up and go make dinner and await my husbands arrival home . 

        Good peace to and yours and always , always love and light . 

Thursday, February 4, 2021

Just a greeting to catch up

 Hey there happy People ,

 I hope all is well with you during the craziest time of my nearly 50 years of life . I hope you and your families are well .  Many Blessing of Love and Light to you and , if you or a loved one is ill or if you have lost a loved one to this horrible pandemic . 

   Close your eyes and take a deep breathe and exhale.

I send you every all the Love and Light I possibly can to you .

It has yet again been a minute since I shared with you or any where for that matter , I have not been on social media in a month now . What a TIME suck !!!! I have found I have gotten loads of stuff done since I have been away from Facebook . I mean I enjoy sharing parts of my life but really it got to be too much . I can focus on my YouTube channel more Shiconey ASolitaryWitch - YouTube . I am still working on my Mushroom house.

  I have not really worked on that lately either . I do not know about you but I , myself have organized my rear off as well as rearranged just about everything there is to rearrange in my house . Including dressers and kitchen cabinets . My poor family can not find I thing . Just trying to stay pleasant here and if changing our home around is what I need to do to keep from snapping on someone. All I can say is strap and a seat belt 'cause this house changes like it is  on a lazy susan . Do you know what a lazy susan is ? For those of you who do not know it is basically a plate on a stand that spins . 

 : which can be duplicated  by pie pan , marbles and another pie pan .   lol  ( everyone knows you cants spina house in a pie pan unless its a really small house )

I thought this was so funny when I read it so I figured why not share . 

Same with the one below . Just too cute . 

The world needs a bit more humor . So what have you been doing during these insane days?

I mean besides rearranging your homes , offices , pantries , dressers closets , cars ? Really ? I know it is not just me , I can not be the only person on the planet that is at home constantly . I mean to be real I only left the house once a week before the pandemic any way so not big change there , and far as wearing a mask ? Perfect just another accessory I can create to look even more fabulous than I all ready do . See . Now would I lie to you ? I would not .     Just saying . 

      Yes , I did make this mask . I was watching the morning news one day when they were reporting on ....... 
Oh heck I do not remember and for one instant the camera man flashed to a woman commenting on something and she was wearing this most amazing mask . I immediately jumped on eBay . ( that is where I find most of my treasures ) 
Found the exact lace having already having the black fabric i wanted to use . Scooped up the lace called my adorable cousin . ( she sews way better than I do ) Called her up one the good ole cell phone and was like hey, how do I make a mask , She told me where to find the pattern and away I went . I so far have only made 3 of the black lace . I think I did pretty well , What do you think ?  I just wanted to share a little joy with you , I leave you with this image from the Blue Ridge Parkway .
Thank you for reading . Stay safe , 

             Always wishing you and yours, 
                      Love and Light 

Thursday, December 31, 2020

Long time no see

                                             Greetings from the far side ......

I have not written in a while . Life gets pretty busy normally and now with COVID ? We are stuck in our houses ,apartments possibly a hole no judgement passing here ,some of my fondest memories  are from some of the dark damp places I have called home . My mothers downstairs apartment is one of them and several of you reading this are familiar with that apartment  any who I  digress . with Covid we are focusing on other things,  need I say more ? I have been trying to stay connected to the one .

I have done like many of you , rearranged my home like a million times.  Rearranged just about every space in our house top to bottom . In saying that I never knew the crude that can accumulate above the stove . Yuck ! . I have however become inspired by a miniature house designer by the name of Ara she is from Bentley House Minis . She has a YouTube channel  she created an amazing cardboard dollhouse . So I decided to create a cardboard doll house and to be unique and original ( well I thought) Upon the completion of the structure build I unknowingly  searched mushroom house and found that many others have built houses but I believe I Am a tad bit different so I am happy with the build and I am not searching anything cardboard until my build is complete .

This is the first half I built and yes those butterflies are magnets attached to metal washers 

small Maple leaves I made hanging photos out of 
Whelp ( teehee) this what I have been up too . Just staying away from people  social distancing that is hell ! I have not even seen my eldest daughter's since before Thanksgiving  due to Covid . 

Card board furniture with leaf rugs 

Behold the 2 make 1
Borrowed that from the Dark Crystal

Inside the mushroom 

I am so out of practice typing I am sure you can tell with this insane blog . technique  
    I apparently have acquired .  I will do better next go round . Good Peace to you and yours and always Love and light to you 

Thursday, May 2, 2019


I thought I might start the refresh of this long sleeping personal blog with this picture of the great outdoors I took while camping on the Blue Ridge Parkway . Please bare with me as I am yet again learning from updates  to blogger .

                                                             * note to self *
 (Check in on owned sites because that stuff changes when you stay gone for long periods of time )

Now may I say Brightest Blessing to you and yours ion this 2nd day of  May . I hope your Mayday was a pleasant one.   I just wanted to pop in and say thank you for r
reading this tiny bit of me .  

Merry meet,

   Long time no see, or, well, in this case long time no write, or long time no read. How have you been my dear friends? I have not been wri...