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Greetings from the darkside

           Many greetings  from the dark side . I say this because I feel like I have been under a rock , A heavy a rock some may even say a boulder . Learning how to move said boulder has been my purpose up till now .  Hurray !  Boulder has been blown to bits and typing has once again begun . (click click click clickity click click sound of the keys )  What a wonderful journey it has been .  I have experienced a lot since I was here last.  Fifty has come and gone with the grace and ease as if time is standing still for me . I know it passes but I do not feel it. I have had yet another breast cancer scare , and I have yet again come out health and whole minus the biopsy. Lets see , I have turned blue once again and also I have started a TikTok if you can believe that.  Who knew who knew it would such a therapeutic endeavor , and what an endeavor it is.  as if I have rediscovered some ancient sleeping dragon of creativity and laughter .  During this time  I have been away I have also re
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Merry meet,

   Long time no see, or, well, in this case long time no write, or long time no read. How have you been my dear friends? I have not been writing because well, I have not felt well enough. Sur, I occasionally have been uploading to my YouTube channel, and two of my daughters have talked me into doing TIKTOKS! I am very pleased that the things I share on my Pinterest seem to remain helpful to others in inspiring them in their magical and creative workings in life.  I know that's nuts but kind of fun . however I have been on a journey of soul searching and I have come to realize that I believe myself to be a spiritual being having a human experience. That is what sets well with me so that is how I view my life at this point. Lets see what has been going on in my world? I am now 50 and all my daughters have moved n in their life journeys as well, Blessed, be and am so proud of them all. I hope you and yours are well in this continuously trying time in our lives and human history of our

Botanicals sticker book

My Magic

Merry Meet Readers    I hope you  are all doing well ,  I am just shocked and completely caught of guard .  I have not searched my blog title in a long time and I had no idea that it could be found let alone it was bam in your face . I am like freaking out right now . This caused me to realize that I have not been using my blog as I should be . I have had this domain name for several years now and I was so excited when it was recognized with a secure sight with the ''https'' . I really had no idea . I kind of feel a bit more like I need to share more witchy things from my life .The only thing with that though is I am  a Wiccan , I am  a healer , I am a student of life and guidance to some . I do practice crafting with the Divine daily . The thing is that what I do has become like breathing over the passing of time . I don't think of it as casting any longer it is just daily routine with benefits of a peaceful loving life.  I walk with the Divine daily from my first

After the Love is gone , by this I mean because yesterday was Valentines day

  Hello dearest readers ,     I hope you are well on this cold and raining morning . Well , at least its raining here . We had some thunder a few days ago so I am patiently waiting for snow . What is that old wives tale about when one hears  thunder during the winter ? Snow in 7 to 10 days ? I am testing that very wives tale out at this moment and I will defiantly share the out come .... Do you have kids ? I do . This is not for just anybody who has kids . This is for those who have grown kids like  ones in their 20s and up. I am asking you parents . Does this ever happen to you out of no where do you get that attitude like you have done something to "oh piss them off  unknowingly some how ? " I don't know they were talking to you one day about whatever and you were not all engulfed with what they were sharing with you and , in doing this you did not give 100% of yourself to them by listening to whatever drama they tend to get entangled in . they get mad . their feelings

Happy Hearts Day

Just a little something I painted a bit Viking inspired  Happy Heart  Day  Happy Hearts day you Wonderful readers you ,       Have you ever went and sat down at your desk to type a blog and go to start when you realize you need an image to start the page off and you then must halt typing to go in search of one . Realizing you this you pin the blog page to go in search of the perfect image . While searching for said perfect image you come across a tiny little gem of  you have been squirreling it away like a nut over a long  winter waiting to be able to use it .Finding this gem you again stop what your doing to open up another social media sight to insert said image ? No ? Just me than ?  Okay but , is this not the cutest little nut ? Now, done with that . I mean is this little darling completely worth the twenty minutes it took to cross over share or what ? I think so . Unfortunately many  of you are covered in Winter .  I think . In my mind you are wrapped up in it like a blanket .    

Greetings from the Dark side

Greetings People ,     I send greetings from the dark side well it is not truly dark here  . I just thought sounded good . I mean our home is a bit on the dark side for the fact that the curtains are pulled shut due to it being Winter and all . Our reminds me of a classic hobbit home though. Clean and tidy with warm tones and a welcoming  arura . It is a  bit a dark  . Well , that is how I imagine a hobbit home would be .    I am sitting here drinking coffee out of a remarkable mug it is the body of a cat  given to me by one of my daughters for Christmas . Here is the amazing mug link : Why is it that when One has several thoughts that one wants to write down  these things floating around like balloons  without away to right they a plentiful but, as soon as we find a pen and paper or sit down at the keys  all of those balloons disappear completely from the mind?  Anyway in processing this mos