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Merry meet,


 Long time no see, or, well, in this case long time no write, or long time no read. How have you been my dear friends? I have not been writing because well, I have not felt well enough. Sur, I occasionally have been uploading to my YouTube channel, and two of my daughters have talked me into doing TIKTOKS! I am very pleased that the things I share on my Pinterest seem to remain helpful to others in inspiring them in their magical and creative workings in life. 

I know that's nuts but kind of fun . however I have been on a journey of soul searching and I have come to realize that I believe myself to be a spiritual being having a human experience. That is what sets well with me so that is how I view my life at this point. Lets see what has been going on in my world? I am now 50 and all my daughters have moved n in their life journeys as well, Blessed, be and am so proud of them all.

I hope you and yours are well in this continuously trying time in our lives and human history of our planet. So many take offense in other opinions I had to step back to find my footing on how to navigate through this now incredibly stressing time. I am not going to take up too much of your time I just wanted to let you know I am slowly and ever so surely finding my feet (that's one of my favorite sayings) Many blessings to you and yours and may I also would like to say thank you to you for finding interest in my words. I appreciate each and every view you give. each and every time you read something I write it brings me such joy that is Magic no one can touch .

WOW!!! I HAVE NOT BEEN ON HERE SINCE 2016!!! First off allow me to say I am sorry for that but life happens and sometimes there is not mush one can do to prevent that.  Time sure fly by while life happens .  Again thank you so much for being here and taking interest in my writings . I will now share some photos of what I have been up to.


        This is the Happy Planner I am turning into a Grimoire 

                   This is one of my first Tiktoks 

I have started sewing again, inspired by Rhapso of Greek mythology who was a nymph or a minor goddess worshipped in Athens. She is known solely from an inscription of the 4th century BCE, found at Phaleron. Her name apparently derives from the Greek verb" to sew" or "to stitch". I have been working on a few different pieces . I don't see the need to buy something as long as I have the ability to sew I can create pieces that are infused with my intent and I can wear them like a shield of armor to give me strength and self security in the the fact of knowing I made it. That may seem silly to some but it make complete since to me. I simply bless my machines to whit I am grateful to know how to use.
Not too shabby if I do say so myself and I am aware that not every one appreciates my style but I'm cool with that, I also know there are haters everywhere, but, yet again.....

 Sticks and stones may break ONES bones,
                               but names will never hurt me .
And oddly enough that little charm is reported to have appeared in The Christian Recorder of March 1862, a publication of African Methodist Episcopal Church , where it is presented
 (pardon me while I giggle ) as an "old adage" in this from: Sticks and Stones may break my bones , but words will never break me. But names will never harm me. Did you know that?

        Just a bunch of witches if you ask me , I get a kick out             
         of looking back on the olden days and finding how the      
                        Christians religion used magic, 
                                          Don't you ?

Now I do not tend to think that everyone who reads my blog all has the same faith, or beliefs as myself nor do care.  I love all spiritual beings and that is what i believe we are have our life experiences that is we are all the same. we bleed the same we need the same things to survive  in closing this today I would like to wish you peace.


Always wishing you what your Gods and Goddess grant you, 



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