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Social Media Nightmare , A funny Story ....

                                                           Why is it so aggravating when programmers consistently update and change  things that take us common folk so long to figure out , when it worked perfectly fine the way it was ? The social media updates make me want to shoot myself in the foot . I still have yet to figure out Google+ I just spent all afternoon getting my Facebook straightened out . Whats pubic whats not pubic blah blah blah (its always something) I am an educated woman . This stuff shouldn't be rocket science . I shouldn't need a degree from MIT to change my privacy settings or what ever I am setting out to on my computer  . I have a Facebook to be found by one person and one person alone but he is just a babe now. I do so hope that one day  he will look for me and there I will be waiting  . That is if i don't commit harry carry due to having to relearn how to work my computer from to all the program changes .     OK, I was about to loose m

wellness to you

                   Today is the first day since I had gotten sick , "witch"( giggle) was the the day before Thanksgiving, that I have felt well enough to get out of bed and come on here to see what has been going on with all the wonderful people. MY FRIENDS . And I must say , I am proud to have you all as either my friend or family .At times I wish I could be there in many cases to either lay someone out for being a douche bag to you , Or hold you in my arms when you are sad ,or to share i n your JOYS , but alas I can not in many cases . I can say this... You are BRAVE and STRONG .INTELLIGENT and COURAGEOUS to face the many things that come at you on a daily basis. Many of you are full of so much love and forgiveness with unbelievable super hero like abilities to continue to strive over hurdles of others wrong doings to you on a daily basis that continues to blow my mine and I hope you know that in times of sadness when you may feel like the world is against you , YOU ARE