Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Social Media Nightmare , A funny Story ....


 Why is it so aggravating when programmers consistently update and change  things that take us common folk so long to figure out , when it worked perfectly fine the way it was ? The social media updates make me want to shoot myself in the foot . I still have yet to figure out Google+ I just spent all afternoon getting my Facebook straightened out . Whats pubic whats not pubic blah blah blah (its always something) I am an educated woman . This stuff shouldn't be rocket science . I shouldn't need a degree from MIT to change my privacy settings or what ever I am setting out to on my computer  . I have a Facebook to be found by one person and one person alone but he is just a babe now. I do so hope that one day  he will look for me and there I will be waiting  . That is if i don't commit harry carry due to having to relearn how to work my computer from to all the program changes . 
OK, I was about to loose my mind I had been trying all afternoon to remove what people see if they are not my friend on a certain social media site . And Damn! It was pain a staking endeavor, incredibly frustrating I mean ,( banging my head against the wall and , throwing things frustrated  , is what I'm talking about ) No, I didn't throw anything ..but my head is still a bit sore. Lol . I don't know how i did it , but alas I was triumphant in succeeding at the task at hand  . I am sad to say it had gotten to a point where I thought about deleting the account all together , but like I stated earlier I have that account for a greater purpose " Witch " (I love that play on words ) is the slightest possibility that one day I may be able to reconnect with my grandson that  has been taking from our lives .Hidden away from us all .  I feel  it is the only way to stay out there  .While having this account I have found that there are many icky people out in this world that wish to do nothing except cause grief and pain to me and my immediate family  .I mean , I am an Amazing person and I have Amazing  kids along with a fabulous life and with all this wonderfulness can come a bunch of haters . Well , grief givers are attracted to me and mine , for some unforeseen reason . Oddly enough , My mother  when she was alive used to tell me that there was invisible writing written across my forehead that said " Grief givers wanted" for lighter words or for the stronger of heart  "Dumb-ass needed" . Ah ,Mom , she had such a way with words ... And apparently it has rubbed off onto my girls . I don't know ? I think we are just so "Damn Awesome", that people want to consistently cause us grief of some sort . Sorry girls . I don't know where" IT" came from . I blame our Ancestry .(woo-who ! )  We have inadvertently had some sort of negative who-do put upon us in  far past that has tried to stick to us as if we have been sprayed by a skunk . So here I am many tomato baths later ,smelling sweet once again . And as I stated earlier I am  triumphant!!  The problem has been solved, Well,  at least until the next fabulous social media site  update to " Witch " (giggle) I will have to more than likely break out the smelling salts , sit and bang my head some more until i figure it out again . Thank you for reading my rant .  Good peace friends .
                                              May Love and Light follow you always !!!

Thursday, December 3, 2015

wellness to you


         Today is the first day since I had gotten sick , "witch"( giggle) was the the day before Thanksgiving, that I have felt well enough to get out of bed and come on here to see what has been going on with all the wonderful people. MY FRIENDS . And I must say , I am proud to have you all as either my friend or family .At times I wish I could be there in many cases to either lay someone out for being a douche bag to you , Or hold you in my arms when you are sad ,or to share in your JOYS , but alas I can not in many cases . I can say this... You are BRAVE and STRONG .INTELLIGENT and COURAGEOUS to face the many things that come at you on a daily basis. Many of you are full of so much love and forgiveness with unbelievable super hero like abilities to continue to strive over hurdles of others wrong doings to you on a daily basis that continues to blow my mine and I hope you know that in times of sadness when you may feel like the world is against you , YOU ARE NOT ALONE . I am aware some of you we have never met face to face ,but we are friends . And some of I have only met once . That does not matter to me . We are friends . THANK YOU !!!! For being YOU .
Thank you for being BRAVE ,STRONG, INTELLIGENT , COURAGEOUS , CHARMING , CREATIVE , FORGIVING , you are my SUPER HEROS !! Because I in no way would be able to put up with some of the things that you do . One only has to do me dirty once . Just once and I wash my hands of whom ever or what ever causes me grief . . So ....
                                     May Mother Goddess hold you in her loving arms.
                                       May she stand with you in your times of need.
                                                  Brightest of Blessings to you all .

Merry meet,

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