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Social Media Nightmare , A funny Story ....


 Why is it so aggravating when programmers consistently update and change  things that take us common folk so long to figure out , when it worked perfectly fine the way it was ? The social media updates make me want to shoot myself in the foot . I still have yet to figure out Google+ I just spent all afternoon getting my Facebook straightened out . Whats pubic whats not pubic blah blah blah (its always something) I am an educated woman . This stuff shouldn't be rocket science . I shouldn't need a degree from MIT to change my privacy settings or what ever I am setting out to on my computer  . I have a Facebook to be found by one person and one person alone but he is just a babe now. I do so hope that one day  he will look for me and there I will be waiting  . That is if i don't commit harry carry due to having to relearn how to work my computer from to all the program changes . 
OK, I was about to loose my mind I had been trying all afternoon to remove what people see if they are not my friend on a certain social media site . And Damn! It was pain a staking endeavor, incredibly frustrating I mean ,( banging my head against the wall and , throwing things frustrated  , is what I'm talking about ) No, I didn't throw anything ..but my head is still a bit sore. Lol . I don't know how i did it , but alas I was triumphant in succeeding at the task at hand  . I am sad to say it had gotten to a point where I thought about deleting the account all together , but like I stated earlier I have that account for a greater purpose " Witch " (I love that play on words ) is the slightest possibility that one day I may be able to reconnect with my grandson that  has been taking from our lives .Hidden away from us all .  I feel  it is the only way to stay out there  .While having this account I have found that there are many icky people out in this world that wish to do nothing except cause grief and pain to me and my immediate family  .I mean , I am an Amazing person and I have Amazing  kids along with a fabulous life and with all this wonderfulness can come a bunch of haters . Well , grief givers are attracted to me and mine , for some unforeseen reason . Oddly enough , My mother  when she was alive used to tell me that there was invisible writing written across my forehead that said " Grief givers wanted" for lighter words or for the stronger of heart  "Dumb-ass needed" . Ah ,Mom , she had such a way with words ... And apparently it has rubbed off onto my girls . I don't know ? I think we are just so "Damn Awesome", that people want to consistently cause us grief of some sort . Sorry girls . I don't know where" IT" came from . I blame our Ancestry .(woo-who ! )  We have inadvertently had some sort of negative who-do put upon us in  far past that has tried to stick to us as if we have been sprayed by a skunk . So here I am many tomato baths later ,smelling sweet once again . And as I stated earlier I am  triumphant!!  The problem has been solved, Well,  at least until the next fabulous social media site  update to " Witch " (giggle) I will have to more than likely break out the smelling salts , sit and bang my head some more until i figure it out again . Thank you for reading my rant .  Good peace friends .
                                              May Love and Light follow you always !!!


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