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Twice in the same month ?

                                                                                                                                                                                 I really don't  know what to title this entry as of this moment in time that is why  I started  with "Twice in the same month ?" because, it seems as if I only write in my blog when it is raining or   cold or I just can not get out side . It is raining and a cold rain . Which I must say is great for the    plants . You see I have been moving plants from my mothers house .  She pasted away 8 years ago  and her yard is well, a MESS! . She has flowers growing all over the place so every Monday I go and do some yard work and thin out her flowers beds "witch" Giggle return make my flower beds  bigger , and the flowers beds of my neighbors and some throughout the community . I tell you she  has a lot of plants. I have been moving Cannon Lilies for five weeks . No Jive and

My Beltane

May 1st 2016  First let me say , thank you to the designer for this picture .Who ever you may be . Now, with that said let me say . WOW!!!    I have not posted in awhile . I started my celebration of Beltane with a fire yesterday since it was calling for it to rain last night . No problem .I had a blessed fire and I enjoyed every minute of it that I could .  I awoke to the sound of rain hitting my window and jumped up and went out to get my hammock swing out of the rain and while I was out standing in the rain I figured what harm would it hurt .So, I called my corners and welcomed Mother and Father into my heart and home . Thanked them for this day and all that is . No one says you have to be ritualistically accurate when  the craft is in your heart , my Soul is what guides me and I am truly happy.  As, I hope you also are happy.  I danced . I sang. and  I feasted upon the greatness of life . Brightest Blessings to you and yours on this wonderful welc