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October ,

Just a bit of information of the season : October is commonly associated with the season of autumn in the  Northern hemisphere  and spring in the  Southern hemisphere , where it is the seasonal equivalent to April in the  Northern hemisphere  and vice versa.                                   ( So in saying this I will be touching a bit on both Hemispheres ) But first a bit a whimsy , a bit of my magic One might say . I bit of rhyming and of rhythm as I begin to play. I will weave some Magic here and now as you will plainly see . Sit back and enjoy as you read .                                                                                           Good Peace to you and yours.                                  Here are  just a few things I love about this time of year .                                I love the crispness in the air as the seasons start to change .                               I love the falling leaves and knowing nothing stays the same .

Duality of the Wheel of the Year

 Greetings Sisters and Brothers ,            I find that all two offend we ALL are only single minded with our earthy connections here on our planet and with those upon her .Many of us go around thinking only about our current state of being along with our current phase in Nature .I am speaking hemispherically  here . Many think of only one season in time when in actuality there or TWO ... What?!?.... You don't say ? I do say ..... Thank you to You see we are in constant connection always flowing always connected . While Mother earth prepares for sleep here in the Northern Hemisphere on my side of the world she is also beginning to wake in the Southern Hemisphere  . So I will be sharing both known here from now on .  as minor Sabbats which include Spring Equinox , Summer Solstice , Autumn Equinox , and Winter Solstice Along with major Sabbats Samhain aka '' Halloween'' , Betane  the first of May , Imbolc or Candlemas  February 2 and