Witch Way

Witch Way

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Full Moon Magic

                                                      Welcome and Blessings to you ....

Here are a few things I have dug out of a fews books of shadows that some may find interesting ...

   I found these on                  Pinterest .

I came across this on Pinterest and since it has no name I can not give a link .
I find it pleasant. 

 I think these are lovely. I am so grateful for the internet one can find so much useful information upon it .  I try to burn a fire during the full moon but I can not always do that . You can use candle light ( as long as it is in a safe place ) and at times I use nothing except an image in my mind .

           Always .....


(One does not always need a big elaborate ritual or ceremony to say thank you to the Deities like  the Moon for their acts in the world and day to day life )
                   (  One just needs to be satisfied with yourself and your practices in the craft . )
If you can read you can find it just search the title .
( incase you didn't know that already) 

Peace Love and Light to you 

                                             Thank you for visiting here....

                                                     May your Full Moon be a Magical One 

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