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Witch Way

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Cooking Oils Ideas,

   Fun with Cooking Oils and  Labels  . I went and worked on my Herb cabinets again yesterday , and a very dear friend came to visit me while I was in the wilds of  conjuring my cooking oils and with my labeling / relabeling of the bottles I had created . ( with the fun labels I got from the use of Pinterest ) I will infuse my cooking Oils with different herbs to create a better , magical cooking experience .Not only do I find this to be loads of fun but it is also beneficial in creating a perfectly useful edible  healing oil  while  preparing  meals for my family . All herbs have other properties and these properties are the same that our ancestors used to heal with everyday . It is just that through time some of that knowledge has  been forgotten,  lost .So I am going to shine some light on it .. Since we all have to eat why not be knowledgeable in the foods we consume ?Here are some of my Favorites. 
                        "My" Go To Oils 

    OLIVE OIL :which has been known for reducing coronary heart disease , prevention of some   cancers and reductions in anti inflammatory issues .
    CORN OIL :Low in saturated fats . Great for skin and hair care and massage oils , muscle rubs. Has a cholesterol lowering effect, can help reduce blood pressure . High in Vitamin E and  Vitamin K and Choline-which is similar to Vitamin B  ( is used for Liver disease ,depression , memory loss )
    SUNFLOWER OIL :This one is an all around wonder oil compared to some others I have come  across . This one has heart health , boost energy ,can lower cholesterol , reduce inflammation from  arthritis .
    VEGETABLE OIL : It is a great carrier oil .
    SAFFRON OIL :Nice fragrance but it can help with things from hair loss to enhanced sexual drive
  to improving mental health issues and treating wounds and scars.
    GRAPE SEED OIL :High in Vitamin E
    COCONUT OIL : This is a super food . Better brain function ,helps teeth (fights cavities ) I can tell  you from experience It has made cavities disappear .They just heal I tell you . Helps fight off infections .Weight loss ,improve cholesterol  ,

        Olive Oil pares well with any of these herbs                                                     
Such as I find that Olive Oil mixes really well with the  following :

       Thyme  :   Psychic  Powers , Health , Healing , Sleep , Love , Purification , Courage
A few Bottles I made for my friends
father who just got home from the hospital

  Rosemary :Protection , Love , Lust , Mental Powers ,
                   Exorcism , Purification , Healing , Sleep , Youth     
        Basil : Love , Healing , Protection
      Garlic :Protection , Healing , Exorcism , Lust , Anti-theft
      Onion : Protection , Exorcism , Healing , Money ,  
                  Prophetic , Dreams , Lust   
 Oregano : Happiness , Tranquility , Luck , Health, Protection  

Dried Oregano  and Basil
from my garden . I have come to find out when first diving into  Herbology and Botany I was a post-it fanatic ! ( I had little notes everywhere , being dyslexic it helped me organize) when it came to parring the magical and medical properties of the herbs. Making my task easier at hand . I could see directly on the label what I could use it for . It was much easier than fumbling through my books which I also did a lot of and I still do a lot of . I have my go to books always on hand  "Cunningham's Encyclopedia of Magical  Herbs  " and   "The Complete Book of Incense Oils and Brews" right inside the herb cabinet as easy reference .                                                         
                             To infuse the oil . I take my base oil and gather my herbs while thinking of the goal I wish to accomplish ( such as I always wish good health to my family ) and while thinking of preparing a great healthy meal I add the herbs to the oil . I love adding fresh Garlic cloves to any cooking oil it just tastes great and the Garlic helps fend off illness .I hope i didn't ramble too much and I hope you 
got the idea have fun in your home and most definitely in your kitchen thats where Magic is at hand.

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