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Book of Shadows

Your Book of Shadows 

           I have heard  and read in ever so many  interviews ,books and articles about how One's Book of Shadows is to remain  a "SECRET" only to be seen by those in your coven . I am not disputing that at all  everyone has their own way  and order of doing things .  I am a firm believer however that if One has knowledge or a gift say you that ,that knowledge or gift should be shared freely at no cost to the seeker . All the seeker has to do is ask.  Which in many cases that may very well be the case . However how can some one who is interested in Witchcraft even get started . I mean unless I am standing in a "Black pointy hat holding a broom " you are not going to know I am a witch . So, the problem with that is how can others learn about such things if they are not in a coven per say ? How can someone who has grown up in one religion ask about another without hurting someone's feelings ?  There are always book stores which  are great . ( I could not tell you in my early years how I loved going to Booksamillion and just sat in the section in awe of  the variety of books they had  but ,  now a days it is kind of sad because the books are all about the same thing ,in the same order  Gods, Goddess' ,colors candles, Tarot ,Runes )Blah ! Now a days  there is always the internet . 
                                                          Bam ! Here we are . 
                                       I had to get that out of the way (tiny rant)
    OK, since I am not in a coven .  I have and always will give and express      openly , share  the knowledge (POINT OF VIEW ) that I have  gained throughout my 44 years in the craft . I have never nor will I ever feel the need to knock obtrusively on strange peoples doors and try to push my point of view on to them .That is one thing I Love about the" craft " one is allowed the freedom to alter a Spell a Ritual a sitting to make it your own . What makes you comfortable in what you are doing  is key to a successful outcome . That is why I am doing this blog for those of you who may be scared to ask , scared to seek out knowledge for yourself .  I can not stress this enough that this is  the way this one Witch does things and if it helps you in any way I am glad .There are  many books that I have read and continue to read  about the craft . That is one thing I recommend to you LEARN.... never stop learning .

                                                     Back to the Book of Shadows, 
    I would like to think of a Book of Shadows as a  personal  guide book full of recipes that helps me change how I see the world around me ,a guide to help me create the world I want to be apart of  . A  book that I created to help me in my endeavors .  I have several  throughout my home that I use for different things .  I have my so called everyday reference Book of Shadows which consist of Three 3 ring binders  .(they continue to grow because I continue to learn) they contain different Spells and Rituals  I have printed out on different  types of paper , some are decorated , some I drew out myself  you can find tons of these on  Pinterest , Deviantart , Google , Bing( pretty much what ever floats your boat ) I could go on  but, I wont . I'll save that for later . I find pages that inspire me , print them out , punch holes in the them and put them in a binder . That way I can organize them the way I want . 


 My middle daughter went on ebay         and found a really cool  blank  leather bound book with a lock on it and gave it to me at Yule on year . As you can see I found pages on glued them in it but , when I did that I realized I can't change it later . So I figured I would use the 3 ring binders.

I went to Hobby Lobby and found this really cool Sketchbook  ( it is the large one in the middle ) and I brought it home my youngest daughter decorated it  and we call it the "Cook of Shadows " Fun . It has our favorite recipes in it and                  there are sections for the different meals with empty pages so that things can  be added  at a later time for when my daughters have children

          I think there is literally no right way to make your Book of Shadows  you get out of it what you put into it . Have fun . Do what feels right for you . Here are some from throughout my years . When you first start off it's a ledger or a journal , spiral note book and then as time goes by you take what works best for you  from here and put it there . 
                                Your dreams , spells that for you just whatever . 
 I dont know if any of this helps you but it is how I have gathered my information  throughout the years . It has taken  me many, many Moons to gather and pick and choose what I wanted to put in mine ..
Brightest Blessing to you ....


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