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     Ahh Mabon , the time of the year of the Autumn Equinox between September 20th and 23rd. This is the second of the three  harvests of the year when the faint breeze of an Autumn chill starts to creep in to fill the air with wonderful thoughts of ,  Well , in my case hot apple cider (with a grown up kick to it) the thoughts of getting my bake on . I mean , I love to cook but in the darker months that make up Autumn and Winter I am truly happy. Cooking away at my hearth( ie stove ) remember it is all a matter of perspective . Baking pies and honing in on my bread recipes for the winter months . I cherish my times of cooking , and sharing with my family . That is one thing I miss most about my mom she may of not liked you most of the time but ,when it came to getting together to feast with those she liked (which for few ) and even those she didn't like she would cook and it was great . This time of year brings forth fond memories of Pop (my grandfather) and of apple trees and being a little girl back to what then,  was my home in Endicott New York . I don't have many memories of my youth but I do remember that . It is soon to be the time of year of Tricks or Treats and Holiday candies dressing up like our favorite Spirits and monsters of old and new to blend in with our ancestors who will soon walk the Earth again ..... Oh , Sorry I started to drift into a different holiday all together.                    
PepperJack Cheese Bread
Texas Brownies

I am sure you get the picture fond memories indeed . I love to cook but there is something so special about this time of year that makes being in the kitchen wonderful . 

Cheese Bread and Apple Pie

Oatmeal cookies I make for my daughter who
is away .
Mabon besides being the Autumn Equinox which divides the day and night equally and we prepare to pay our respect to the impending dark. We may also give thanks to the waning sunlight ,as we store our harvest. However to me it is a time to reflect on the past and of family . A time to prepare for the upcoming winter. A time to can and preserve . A time to celebrate harvest and family , to give thanks to Mother Earth and Father Sun for the gracious bounty that hopefully will make it possible to survive the coming dark times .  I am fully aware that One can go to the grocery store and buy whatever   One needs nowadays and that hardly anyone Cans any more . But to me Mabon is a primal instinct to  reflect and to give thanks to the makers and to prepare and provide for the ones you care for . It is somewhat of a person ritual that goes back to ancient times to have that feeling of fulfillment of knowing you have worked hard and your can  reap your rewards by providing for your family in a way that links you to those who , have come and gone in times way before you even existed. I mean think about it.There were no grocery stores in the ancient times and what you had to survive for the dark months is what you had there was no going to the corner store . And in today's times( I sound like an old lady ) so many of us has had that connection with our ancestors drowned out with technology cell phones,computers,cable tv . etc . I mean don't get me wrong I enjoy all of these things myself but , to be about to grow and harvest and store prepare in a way that your grandfather taught you because his father taught him and so on and so on .It is just a great feeling of success . I like that feeling , and I thank my Goddess and her consort daily for the wondrous gifts I continue to receive . I am continuously grateful with every passing day that I have been granted another day . 

  Brightest of Blessing to you and yours on this Mabon 

I would also like to thank everyone who has put up these awesome pictures up on the internet so others can use them .


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