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Blessed mornings to you my friends,

Thank you ............ For coming here if only for a moment .

 I am in the process of setting up shop . So , One can find wonderful things and learn how to do the things I do or to just get an idea to alter an idea One may already have.
     That is one of the great things about OUR craft ...Is... Make it your own .
 I will be going through things I do and  how I do the things that work for me.
Being Dyslexic .
 I think and process things in a different way than most (witch) giggles not a bad thing by no stretch of the imagination just different and perhaps it  may help your creative juices to flow like a babbling creek and or stream ....
( same thing different words ) see what I mean .....
Anyway , I am collecting , creating , sewing , stitching , mixing , bottling things for you . And I also will be  photo blogging these things so you will be able to do all these things in your own way... 

For only you have the strongest ,truest  need with in yourself to create and change what ever it is you want to change or create .

 Think of me as a conduit a guided channel to help you get your inner Magic flowing .
Now I can tell you I am no , great source . I can only tell you what works for me . 
Perhaps we may think alike , Perhaps not .......
 I am just here to help if I can . 
 Now ..... I am not completely ready to put a lot of things up as of yet but , here are some ideas to get you started ......

 A Book of Shadows is always a great place to start .....
This one was given to me by my daughter . I found printable's I liked on the internet altered the colors used different types of paper and ink made each page my own and WHA -LA!

I have kept journals for ever and you can start with a composition book , Spiral note book , 3 ring binders .....etc... 

This too was given to me by one of my daughters . She actually bought it for her self  , but then gave it to me ...
I have of yet to put anything in .
 I have Three 3 ring binders I am using to compile pages that I find or create myself , and then I arrange them in the best order that I feel will be for me . Then when I get them in order I will bind them and put a cover to them . The big book above will be all the pages I have combined from the 3 ring binders but, it will be in my own hand .... Special .... the truest form of My Magic ......
3 Ring Binders B.O.S.
These as you can tell are Cook Books another form of a Book of Shadows
 The giant one in the middle I purchased at Hobby Lobby . It is complied of our families favorite recipes .

I hope this helps in giving you some ideas and if you are in need of spell page ideas or just Magical Ideas in general. 
 You can simply click the image under Shiconey's Closet .
And you will arrive at a magical place .
Well, I believe it is a magical place .

Once again .... Thank you for traveling here and may your journey be a pleasant one .

Good Peace to you and yours ...........


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