Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Welcome ,

I am inviting you to check out and up and coming new site (witch) will be a place here in Randolph County by this time next year . 

It is called The Broom Closet 
You can only access it through Facebook at the moment for we are just starting out .

                                                                   The Broom Closet

 Is a new site a fellow Magic person and I are starting up . We both have the talent and the ability to teach and help you on your Magical Journeys . We will be making charms and candles ,lotions, oils for yourself and for cooking .Much more than aroma therapy could ever do for you . I will be making things to sell as well will she . Two peas in a pod that's what we are . It may be a slow beginning but at least it is a beginning . Please be patient THINGS WILL GET BETTER !! .

                       Good Peace to you and yours may your days be fun of Love and Light 

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