Witch Way

Witch Way

Tuesday, September 13, 2016


 I have come to find out that this is harder than it appears . Lol 
 I am not sure why my pictures did not show up on the last entry perhaps someone has put a little curse on me . Witch ( giggles ) if that is the case more power to him or her . and if that is not the case ( witch ) , I believe it to of been my fault I should have to be more careful . So here is what I am going to do .I will just out the pictures up here .. Ok so lets see how this turns out . Shall we ?
These are clearly photos of the some of the many streams and creeks that wind in and out of the bedrock of the mountain at Julian Price Campground trails ....

The Picture to the left is of Cascade Falls (witch) hee hee is about a twenty minute drive from Julian Price lake itself . I was a bit of a hike to get to the over looks to see it and I was a bit saddened to find that I could not get to the water itself but after all safety first .... I guess . I was still a site to be seen .I just love water free flowing natural water I just want to put my feet in her and feel the cool , sometimes extremely cold water rushing by me tiny toes  . I would love to just hang out in it all day if I could . But being a 46 year old woman I found I had to act my age or the small children would of wanted play in the water also and I do not think that 
their parents would appreciate that . But to each his/her own . . The sites where beautiful and I cant help but always try to use these outings as a type of collections expedition for supplies I may need . For instance I am always on the look out for a Hag Stone . Walking walking sticks , and possible wands for my shop and personal use . I only take what is already given I never use something that is attached . Only Given .
And come to find out that this practice has rubbed off onto my husband to be also . Finding things that is .He has become so patient with me while we are in the woods . I believe this go round thou we will be looking for mushrooms . . 

 I am so grateful for the Pop up he bought me for my birthday that we can venture into nature more . Which ( I used the correct word that time I must be slipping ) is truly where we would rather be .... I envision  myself having a tiny little cottage out in the deep dark woods somewhere ....
 Oh, that would be grand . But I will take our little get away one trip at a time . Patients is something that runs narrow here lately . I have read it is because I wake up between the wee early hours right before dawn . When you wake up , you wake up . There is only so much one person can do . I suppose I could try drinking Chamomile tea . Marshmallow is also good for that . Who wants to wake up just to drink a cup of tea just to go back to bed. I really get my rest when sleeping where I can here nature . She truly is my mother . Well, I have rambled on about this and that just to have some kind of filler in between my pictures I took for you .  

As always it has been a blessing...


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