Sunday, July 30, 2017

A morning in July

  Here are a few Magical tidbits for the month of  July ,

July is a great month the sun gets higher and hotter . It is the time to celebrate the warmth of Father Sun's rays . It is the time to feel Mother Earth's embrace wrapping around you with Love and Care . It is a time to share in the bounties that only they can give us . Like many of you, this is my busy time of the year . I truly enjoy it but I am an Autumn baby through and through . (but we will talk about that later )  I can look out my window and see the light coming .... the sky is a pale light blue as Father Sun  rises higher and higher . The darkness from Mother Moon's night sky is slowly pushed back further into the darkness. It recedes from the quite of the early morning light . The air is cooler this morning than it has been .I can hear the birds chirping singing their songs in welcoming the coming Sun . This no doubt is one of my favorite times . Waking while the world is still sleeping , some of you just stirring... raising to meet this wonderful new day . I started writing to share with you of magical correspondences for the month of July and I find myself drifting into this magical morning where all else seems to fade way with the night .

I can hear dogs barking far off in the distance they too sing their songs for the coming of the light . I hear insects clicking chirping as the morning sky becomes brighter . As Father Sun rises higher and higher  more life stirs in a celebration of the coming of light. An activity that is often missed . I am drawn back to my computer keyboard by the infamous ticking of that darned ol' clock hanging up on the wall .Ticking and Tocking making me aware of each second that passes ..... but, with my windows open I am slow to relent to that nasty ol' clock and its harsh TICK-TOCK  as I hear life stirring outside . Creativity brewing as rhyme of words start swirling in my head . I must go outside for my can't  abide sitting at this desk . Good Peace to you my friend my time here must come to an end . I have Magic going on around me . It simply astounds me that I am still sitting at this desk ....

                                                     Good Peace

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