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In the begining .......

 In my travels here on the internet I am apart of a few groups just like many of you.  The questions that I come across most frequently are '' How do I begin ?" or " Where do I start ?" , and my answer is .... Well , at the begin of course . If you find yourself asking these questions .Which many of us at some point or another do . I can simply ask what are your interests? One should start there . That is your beginning . I mean  when you narrow down your interests that can alleviate a lot of ones stress.
Let me share with you a story of me and my journey at the beginning . I have always, always been intuitive to the divine even at a very young age . My mother would tell me that the fairies had taken your child and left me for her to raise . She always excepted my idiosyncrasy with my abilities of   communicating with  Spirits or foretelling the future or telling her what people would say to her before she spoke with them. ( She was always asking me questions about things that I should not of known anything about at such an early age ) .
 As time went by and I grew older these talents would just evolve and progress .It was normal to me to be able to do these things and I thought how odd that she and others could not do the same things as myself . She tried to keep me safe but at times she couldn't .( different story all together ) When I was a teenager I met a young girl who told me of the Crafts and she told me of a book ....
              Buckland's Complete book of Witchcraft by Raymond Buckland 
and upon reading this book all things fell into place . He talked about things that I had done my entire life . I did not feel alone or odd any longer . I found a friend in this man whom I had never met before . So I began reading ( and let me tell you I hated reading ) but I read and I read more . This helped me focus and find my strengths and my weaknesses to begin my evolution into who I am now. I mean I had gifts such as Extrasensory Perception and Necromancy being an Empath but learning how to use these talents in a beneficial way at such an early age was strange and at time scary.  I had always been drawn to herbs perhaps it was because my grandfather taught me a lot . The knowledge I held was way beyond my years . My mother would tell me I was an old soul in a young body . I could tell her of thing that I had no experience with and these things would be factual . Things I did not read about or see on TV . I was way to young to know about such things , but alas I knew these things . I could mix her herbs and make teas for aliments and she would feel better . She loved drinking tea . I know , I know she was a parent and would of probably drank mud if I gave it to her and said it was delicious because that is what a parent does . But ,as I grew into reading and learned more about herbs and plant and trees .I found out that what I knew at an early age instinctually-later in age were all and the same . Some how I knew Turmeric was good for inflammation and Peppermint would ease an upset stomach . That cotton could ease a toothache . Strange that a child knew such things but I did and I am sure there are many of you  that could do the same at an early age as well  . What did I do ? I learned as much as I could and I still learn more everyday . That is what I would suggest you to do . Find what interests you and learn , never stop learning and when you find your niche you will take of like rocket . There will be no holding you back to the knowledge that awaits you .  I know there are many books written by many authors , but you will find your connection to the Divine . Be patient . The Religion of the crafts is unique . It is as unique as you yourself . We are all different working towards the same goal . Peace on Earth . Happiness and Joy in this life .  I am sorry to say there is no quick fix . A doctor does not learn how to heal over night . That is the same for Practitioners of the Crafts.

  Here are some Book titles along with their Authors  you could start with :

   Buckland's Complete book of Witchcraft  by Raymond Buckland 
   The Ultimate Book of Shadows for the New Generation by Silver Ravenwolf 
   WICCA A Year and a Day by Timothy Roderick
   A Witch Alone by Marian Green
   The Lost Books of Merlyn by Doulas Monroe
   Druid Magic by Mays Magee Sutton , Ph.D. and Nicholas .R. Mann 
   Living Wicca by Scott Cunningham
   Drawing Down the Moon by Margot Adler
   Wiccan Beliefs & Practices by Gary Cantrell

 Now mind you this is just a mere ripple in the vastness of books about the Crafts . These are some titles in my personal library . They are as diverse as the writer's who wrote them . Different points of view with totally different styles of writing . There are so many books so many opinions.

                                                                               Good Peace ..... 


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