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Candles made from Recycled Wax

                                                            Making Recycled Candles 

Okay, to begin this is how I do my recycled  candles . I have use  many of those wax infusers around my house that use those little wax tart-lets you can buy pretty much any where and from the wax that is left over from other candles.   I keep the wax tart-lets after the scent had been extracted from the wax . You know when it gets that waxy smell I remove the wax and store for a later time . It takes a bit of time to gather enough wax to recycle into Candles . I do this about  

 I keep all of my glass containers that the candles came in and after I get the wax out I clean and sterilize the containers and reuse them for different things . (Mostly for my herbs mainly if the containers have a lid .) I often reuse the glasses for new candles .I simply hot glue the holder and wick to the bottom center of glass/container and  then pour the recycled wax back into it and Poof !A new candle . This time as you can see I recycled the wax into tea lights .
 It truly looks a mess when I start but slowly and surly it begins to come together and then all the mess slowly gets organized and turns into something useful . It takes a while several hours standing and stirring the wax to help it melt down . I would suggest that you use a pot/ double boiler(what have you)I use a pot . A  special pot for this purpose ONLY , that way it will only be for this task and I don't have to scrub like a mad person trying to get the pot clean enough to use for placing food in it again. (Believe me you will have to scrub ) You see most candle have those nasty little stickers on the bottom of the candle containers  when you buy them in the store and the have a tendency to GOO , your pot . I place the glass container with the bits of wax in the bottom into the water this creates a double boiler effect and the wax tarts and begin to stir.(You don't want any water to bubble into the wax) container so you must compensate for the weight of container and wax in the water . You want to only have as much water in the pot as wax in the container . So the water level in the same level as wax in the container . I only put a quarter amount of wax in the container at a time to keep the boiling down . I have to stand and stir and when the wax melts down I then pour it into the prepared containers that are waiting to be filled .
As you can see I use things from my kitchen that will do the job at hand just fine . A bit of  
improvisation is needed in this case . A chop stick and a few empty containers and a clothes pin to hold it all in place . Like I stress in all my blogs this is what works for me. I am sure you will find your own ways to do the job as I am also sure others do things differently but seeing how I am dyslexic this is how I do it .  I have a tendency to do things backwards except when I cast my circles .(giggle) That is one of the things I love about the Craft you can make it your own so even if it is not done the same as someone else it will work just as well if done with Respect and Reverence to the Deities .
                   I thank you for traveling here and may Peace and Love find you Always .
                                                         From this Solitary Witch .


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