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This is how I feel ,


I can not stand Donald Trump ,

So what, he got his pride hurt mad because the Pope Said he was" not Christian", because he would rather build a wall to keep immigrants crossing into America illegally . Instead of building bridges to help them have a better life? Well, I'm not a Christian , but even I know how to treat people with a bit of decency and a bit of respect . I hate when it becomes time to elect a new President . It has become such a show . It was nothing like this years ago . But, politicians have become nothing more than money hungry indecent succubus who are corrupt with wanting more power , more money . So what now Trump is lasing back out at the Pope because he said what he feels ? Look , the last time I checked this was America with the freedom of speech .( So what if the Pope was in Mexico when he said it ). The Pope has a right to his feelings and to say what he feels . I mean, I wake up every morning listening to Donald Trump harping and spewing about what ever the hell he feels and thinks . So why can't the Pope say what he feels and thinks ?
  I mean, back in the burning times Pope Gregory said what he thought and thousands were set to death out of fear of '' The Devil '' .People were tortured for not conforming to his beliefs . Its coming around again except this time ''IT'S''.... Donald Trump instead of a religious leader who is Isolating and Condemning , and Dictating ,Trump resembles a blond Hitler ( ironic isn't it ) and some Americans are sucking it up like a starving child , out of fear . He is wanting to isolate Mexico , force a poor country to pay to build a wall to keep the from coming over here to try and create a better life of themselves . He wants to isolate and stop Muslims from being coming to America because few have came into our nation and bombed us . Let me tell you America has penalty of our own nut jobs . Who have done mass murders and shootings , rape ,and even bombed Americans while being and American them-self. If Donald Trump is elected I will think seriously about defecting to somewhere else . This is suppose to be the Land of the Free and the home of the Brave . Where the heck did the Brave go ? People come to America to be Free to build a secure futures for there young .I feel Trump wants to turn America into a dictatorship . His money has gone to his head and he wants the POWER , to have us Americans to do as he wishes , and there goes our Freedoms . Trump reminds me a lot of President Putin of Russia money and power has also gone to his head . Hell , he has people murdered , just like Pope Gregory did, To much power ruins people . I am an American and that is how I feel ! I can stop Donald Trump from saying the ridiculous things that he says . I can not stop the miss treatment of others in this world . I can not stop the mistreatment of Mother Earth herself , People litter and kill , rape , steal and numerous of other devious endeavor .I can not do anything about any of that . But , I can say what I feel .. I know some of you that read this will be angry . Well , you know what ? So the Hell am I ! I feel sad for Mother Earth and the lives that walk upon her . Until we are able to heal her we will not be able to heal ourselves as a human race .We are all the same not matter Race , color ,creed ,religious denomination . We need to find away to Peace . Much Peace to you . And Thank you for reading this .....

May the Goddess Mother guide you and keep you ...


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