Witch Way

Witch Way

Sunday, October 9, 2016

Let's take a walk

                                               Let us take a walk ..... Shall we begin?

I just love technology at times .. but , at other times I just want to run over technology with my car!!

                                          ( Now is one of those moments !) 

(I don't know if this ever happens to you ... Totally off subject for a minute . I am typing this and trying to get the hang of adding things to my blog and just as I am getting close to finish it up and check the preview to be able to walk away from the computer and move onto other things I keep getting..a faint...."Baby?" from the living room or someone takes the dog out in the rain and upon coming back into the house has to come back open the door to my writing space and bring in wet dog!)I tell you I would rather be camping ....... But moving on ......
                     I just love Mother nature and all upon her .I know 
  that seems like an impossible thing to say but , If I can say it that means a lot .

Fragrance of a bit of Autumn and a walk in the woods on a trail is truly a Magical thing to do . I would have to suggest that if you should get the opportunity to get outside do so  .....   There is nothing like a nature hike to get you close to Mother nature .          

The way the Rhododendron grow here in Boone N.C. through the years they have created a tunnel at times one can not see until you are right up on it . They grow in way that twist and turn into each other making a magical place where it seems anything magical could happen .  I think back and remember when I was a young girl living in Texas by the lake . I would skip school and go the woods .( I know ... What? skip school I am in my forties now that was a lifetime away and my parents are gone , so I can talk about it now and not get into trouble . )I made a fort out of the openings of the trees there and I would just stay in the trees for days . ( I should've  been a monkey .) I hated being at home ..bad things would happen at home .  I would just escape to woods every chance I got . The  smell of early Autumn in the air with a slight chill under the deep dense canopy of leaves . 

                                                         ( It just makes me happy )

Then through the darkness light begins to shine a bit more and the next thing you know you are standing in the light of the Sun and ahead of you is a small trail about 2 foot wide and all you can see is open space and fields of where orchards once were . Looking off in the distance you can see Grandfather mountain .Well , some can see it . To me it just looks like a mountain top but , from all the brochures you can look at in the visitor station that 's it all right . Do you see it ?

Grandfather Mountain

I am truly lucky to be able to go get out into the forests and woods in my local areas . I can only hope that I have a much longer and healthier life  to be able to see more of nature's wonders

( Man has really done a number on Nature cutting down trees . Over-population of people , litter everywhere . It just breaks my heart ...)

   I enjoy the times when I can get out into nature without others around . How about you ?  I know,. I know . People are everywhere I just wish some were a bit more conserving and thoughtful when it come to natural resources . 

  Then  just as swiftly as the canopy and everything opens up it will slowly but surely consume you once again into the coolness of the canopy above . As you begin to walk back into the magical realm       of the trees you can once again begin to see the wonders of creation within the cover of the canopy.  As you walk you begin to hear water flowing in the far off distance and as you move closer it begins to get a bit louder and yet again even louder until you walk into a stream .
Stairway of tree roots .

         Where water begins to flow faster and fuller and pours over boulders and rocks .

There are no bugs flying around you nor are you being attacked by mosquitoes . It is just a pleasant stroll through the woods as you walk you hear the sounds of nature  . It is just a pleasant stroll . A walk we take together on the trails. As I walked the trails I think about the ones who made it possible to do so by those who have walked the paths before me . I mean way before me .
Walking in those same steps carved into the sides  of the mountain by the people who created the trail itself , up and down the man made stairs and rustic ladders through the nooks and crannies in the boulders and rock , walking over the small foot paths and bridges , over the water where at times it is just large rocks in the waterway that make a path for you to step on just as the water flows by my  feet. I thank you for walking with me and allowing me to share this with you . I know my blogging has a bit to be desired but , I hope it will continue to get better as I continue to learn . I truly enjoy sharing with you and Thank you for traveling here . Brightest blessing to you all and have a great Sunday......

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