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Just a bit of goodies for you from me ......

I had a page setup on a very popular social site to share This and That and it worked for Oh , a hot minute and now it has just gone crazy ! So , I say to heck with that site . This is my site . With blessings from the higher powers that be .... You will be able to find me here .Just as you found me before with one exception , I will be putting all of my focus here instead of trying to be some computer wiz and streaming all across the galactic internet highway .  Screw that social website ! (Man , Ahhhh....! as soon as I said that my music stopped playing .) Weird ? I think not . It is just a brief moment of recognition from the spirits that I was getting a bit wound up for no reason at all and I needed to stop and take a deep breath and  calm down . So , as I did so I rolled my chair back got up from my desk and walked over to the Coby stereo system and seen that the Grateful Dead cd had ended not at the end of the song in the middle so I changed it out with some Strange Brew (Cream) for those of you who may not know -Cream -look into them . Walked back to my desk and sat down and began typing again .

I would to Thank all of you who put images (into -onto -upon) the internet that make it easier to share  what is going on in my bean . Now , with saying that I will share some of these images that I have found on the internet or some images that I have created . Sharing with you items concerning the this time of season . Since the last quarter of the Moon is close and since Halloween in around the corner and...since  Samhain will immediately follow here are a few things I think you might enjoy .

     One quick note : A lot of people think that Halloween and Samhain are the same they are similar in many ways with the exception of conversion .Yet again it is in many cases it is a matter of opinion , too me they are not . Halloween is a Christian twist of the old ways . Samhain is the old ways .Simply put .

 All Saints day .( All Saints Day was created by the Christian church to honor all the Christian saints instead of honoring the Gods and Goddesses and the dead of the old ways  ) Halloween is commonly celebrated by children dressed in costumes to fend of evil spirits and  solicit candy and treats .( Wow! talk about and confusing twist ) Like many Christian traditions they were altered from older faiths and religions to create their so called one true religion .  It was meant to replace any Samhain rituals performed . You know back when they were trying to convert everyone to the  Christian God instead of the Gods and Goddesses worshiped by the Pagans ,Wiccans ,Celts and Druids etc . If you go back far enough the human race worshiped Polytheism .( That's many Gods) and through time some converted to Monotheism .( One God) While doing so they over lapped old ways to make the conversion to the new religion easier . Such as see soul cakes were the treats traditionally baked and given as gifts for the spirits of the dead .(basically from my understanding they are much like a shortbread cookie ) and soulers were the children and the poor who would go around saying prayers for the dead of the givers of the cakes .However ,
Samhain is October 31st -November 1st  it marks the  halfway point between the Autumn equinox and the winter solstice it is aligned with the Samhain sunrise . Samhain marks the time of preparation for the dark half of the year . Where the Goddess sleeps and the Lord of the hunt reigns. Rituals were performed to ensure the safety and survival of the long winter ahead . Offerings of food and drink would be left for the spirits of the souls of the dead . Spirits were thought to came back seeking hospitality of those left behind . Feasts were prepared and life is celebrated . Over time Samhain and All Saint's Day were merged to create the modern Halloween .

I am sure many of you knew that already , just put in there for those who may not of known .

Phases of the Moon 
Here are some interesting and wonderful things about our Moon . 
                        Dates of :
     Full Moon                  New Moon.
     January 23                 January 9
    February 22                February 8
     March 23                     March 8
      April 21                       April 7
      May 21                       May 6
      June 20                       June 4
      July 19                        July 4
     August 21                    August 2
  September 16              September 1
     October 15              September 30 
   November 14             October 30
  December 13              November 29
                                     December 28

          ( Thank you  , House of Opal )

Glyphs and Runes ( to me ) work the same they are meant to be cosmic symbolic forces that are divinely revealed to us which operate on all levels of all dimensions providing guidance , protection and divination for all of life's situations . Some are older than others which can stand the tests of time and others can be created by one's self to make them more personal to you and your needs . You can read  Hedgewitch by Silver Ravenwolf and the exercises in it will help you to create your own Runes .I love to read and my collection of Magical books is vastly growing although many of the books I find just repeat a lot of the same information verbatim  witch...( teehee) I can find a bit vexing , but what can you do ? The Craft is a personal entity unto itself in many cases . When you are Solitary you go by what feels comfortable and right for you at that time and at that moment .I use the books I read some what as guidelines . You can take a bit of this and a bit of that and create your Magic . It is when you are in a Coven that the Rites and Rituals that are practiced become more so set in proverbial stone .Please take no offense if you are in a Coven and that is your path then that is great for you and your Coven . I just mean things are more set in a group then alone . Speaking as a Solitary Practitioner that is .  

As far as Halloween goes . I am Wiccan but I still like to decorate and I still take part in the "Norm" of activities from time to time . So , I do . I do what feels good to me . I do not worry about what others in the Craft OR out of the Craft may have to say because it does not affect me . I decorate my home and my spaces the way I please . It brings me comfort and joy as well as those around me or whomever may enter my home and my spaces  , after all is that not what Magic should be . Creating and changing one's environment to suit your  needs /wants ? As long as it harms no one your good . But , really someone will almost always take offense in something or other . People right ? 

 Now . Samhain there is something One can get behind . Reconnecting with loved ones that have gone on to Summerland  . Those who have went before you . The celebration of their memory , that long felt need to reach out and touch those who are gone from sight but not from your heart and being . Samhain to me is that special time of year set aside to spend just with them . You can have a Dumb Supper where you make a wonderful meal and set a place for them and you enjoy and sit with them and reflect upon earlier times .  Here are some things I found while surfing the web . I hope you will find them interestingly  entertaining in a matter of speaking . for many some will tell you of Samhain , some will teach something you something new ,some well, some are just fun . 
If you notice I will try to pick things with the site attached somewhere in the image so you can cross reference it if something catches your eye .


I hope you enjoy these as much as I enjoy sharing them with you .

Peace be with you ...

Brightest Blessings to you and yours hope you enjoy .... Love and Light to you and yours



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