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Autumn Day


It is a chilly Autumn morning and I find myself setting in front of the computer writing in a journal listening to Pandora , an Irish collection of instrumental music waiting for inspiration to strike. 
Waiting for those creative juices to start flowing from me like a rushing water fall and , as of yet I have only moved from writing in personal journal to writing to you .  I find that sometimes through my writing I can at times reach out and touch someone in away I could never do in person . MAGIC ! . You know what I am talking  about reading something and getting that warm tingly feeling inside you like some one has touched your soul . Well , I have experienced it from things I have read and I am sure so have you .  I started copying a few things I had on my computer screen a few Fall bucket list ideas . I thought it might be fun . I shared a few of the lists on different social sites I frequent now and again . I am not really a ''Facebooker " although I  have been trying to set up a site to sale a few wares that I and a few friends create . (Natural and organic etc.)  However, I find I would rather have a barter clientele . I have created many a things and I find myself giving what ever I make....away . That's right . I just give things I make away . I have traveled across the states and given pieces of jewelry away . There are even pieces I have created now in Canada . The look on someones face just brings me a feeling of true Magic . I know people make money selling creations they make but , at times I just can't sale what I create . Every piece is a part of me . Every piece I make in every thing I make it has a piece of my soul attached to it . My Magic it is created and given . It can not be bought or sold . I also know that many may disagree with that but, for ME ,that is how I feel . I know One has to make a living someway or another but, when it comes to "My" crafts the Magic for my is a gift . Well ,once again ...(I digress) I was specking to a fellow magical person and we were talking about the Magical community and how One should help each other as well as others who ask of coarse .( Never help someone without consent ....nothing good will come from it . Even under the best intentions) So , I am putting this out into the Universe . If you have a Magical shop or a craft and would like ... I can create a link on this site and help others to find you and your talent .  I mean , I am not trying to say that tons of people read this blog , because they don' t . I am just trying to create and possibly become a part of something much bigger than myself . A magical community . I mean I am in a few on Goggle+ communities which I don't frequent them much either . I am like many other just pop on the computer for a bit and than pop back off again but , perhaps that is how you are coming across this now. I am Solitary and yet again One is never truly Solitary are we ? There Is Magic everywhere within almost everything we see . I am apart of those that have gone before me and I will be apart of those who come after I am long gone from this physical being on Earth at this point in time . 
       Right here . 
               Right now. 
                   In this VERY moment it is you and I and any one else who may be sharing in this moment with us . Now that is  Magic . How is that for a feeling ?  Knowing you are a part of something bigger than Oneself ? Okay , now back to the proposal at hand . Just contact me and we will go from there .  Mind you , I wont put anything up that is not related to a Magical craft of some sort or another . 
             Hoping to hear from you BUT, if I don't take this with you ...I am wishing you ALL                                                                                                                          Light and Love to you on this 
                                                                                                                                  Autumn day .....


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