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Technology Whirlwind of Internet Mayhem ....

Don't you just... (HATE!)..... waking up to a technological whirlwind of internet mayhem when it has been unknowingly unleashed apparently through One's own actions from tweaking this and that on something One has spent over a year to create? ( People that was a mouth full . I am sure my english teachers would find so much wrong with that sentence .)

(Oh , wait ..... maybe that concerns just me .) I tried changing something on this website to make it look more professional and possibly more appealing to readers and well, it worked great until this morning .( SAD FACE ) Good news though , it only took a few hours of re-tweaking the site a bit of bouncing back and forth in the Google super galactic highway of space and time to get my site to come back to me . Where it went ..who knows maybe it went on holiday ? I eventually did it brought the site back from time and space ! Because here you are reading it .(HURRAY ! ) Now did I know what I was doing at the time I was doing it ? ( shaking my head no ) Of course not . No . Was I going to give up ? Not without pains of death . Have I learn anything from this unfortunate event ? I say with a big resounding... YES ! I have learned not to assume that just because it is on my computer that I know how it works . ( you can laugh here I did ) None the less ....It only took.... well ,about a fifty sticky notes and 2 hours of my life but, here we are I have found her . My site . She is back and looking beautiful as ever . At least in my eyes it is a beautiful sight ( a bit of word play there) I call my site a she it is no different when from other person who ends up giving any inanimate object a sex , And well, why not .
Now will she stay this way or will she disappear again ? I don't know ? Only the Internets Gods and Goddesses know the answer to that question . As for now all is well all my links are working and I can relax . Thank Goddess I didn't drink any coffee this morning or I could've ran over some technology with me car .

Well , look at me tooting my own horn about how well I did getting it my site back . I just now checked the Preview .... WHERE THE HECK did all those white lines come from ? I did not set the outline highlighter in the text. ( There must be Gremlins in my computer .? )

Gremlins or not I will keep working on it and hopefully you will continue to read it Gremlins and all ..

Blessings to you all .....


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