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Just a greeting to catch up

 Hey there happy People ,

 I hope all is well with you during the craziest time of my nearly 50 years of life . I hope you and your families are well .  Many Blessing of Love and Light to you and , if you or a loved one is ill or if you have lost a loved one to this horrible pandemic . 

   Close your eyes and take a deep breathe and exhale.

I send you every all the Love and Light I possibly can to you .

It has yet again been a minute since I shared with you or any where for that matter , I have not been on social media in a month now . What a TIME suck !!!! I have found I have gotten loads of stuff done since I have been away from Facebook . I mean I enjoy sharing parts of my life but really it got to be too much . I can focus on my YouTube channel more Shiconey ASolitaryWitch - YouTube . I am still working on my Mushroom house.

  I have not really worked on that lately either . I do not know about you but I , myself have organized my rear off as well as rearranged just about everything there is to rearrange in my house . Including dressers and kitchen cabinets . My poor family can not find I thing . Just trying to stay pleasant here and if changing our home around is what I need to do to keep from snapping on someone. All I can say is strap and a seat belt 'cause this house changes like it is  on a lazy susan . Do you know what a lazy susan is ? For those of you who do not know it is basically a plate on a stand that spins . 

 : which can be duplicated  by pie pan , marbles and another pie pan .   lol  ( everyone knows you cants spina house in a pie pan unless its a really small house )

I thought this was so funny when I read it so I figured why not share . 

Same with the one below . Just too cute . 

The world needs a bit more humor . So what have you been doing during these insane days?

I mean besides rearranging your homes , offices , pantries , dressers closets , cars ? Really ? I know it is not just me , I can not be the only person on the planet that is at home constantly . I mean to be real I only left the house once a week before the pandemic any way so not big change there , and far as wearing a mask ? Perfect just another accessory I can create to look even more fabulous than I all ready do . See . Now would I lie to you ? I would not .     Just saying . 

      Yes , I did make this mask . I was watching the morning news one day when they were reporting on ....... 
Oh heck I do not remember and for one instant the camera man flashed to a woman commenting on something and she was wearing this most amazing mask . I immediately jumped on eBay . ( that is where I find most of my treasures ) 
Found the exact lace having already having the black fabric i wanted to use . Scooped up the lace called my adorable cousin . ( she sews way better than I do ) Called her up one the good ole cell phone and was like hey, how do I make a mask , She told me where to find the pattern and away I went . I so far have only made 3 of the black lace . I think I did pretty well , What do you think ?  I just wanted to share a little joy with you , I leave you with this image from the Blue Ridge Parkway .
Thank you for reading . Stay safe , 

             Always wishing you and yours, 
                      Love and Light 


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