Sunday, February 14, 2021

Happy Hearts Day

Just a little something I painted a bit Viking inspired 

Happy Heart  Day 

Happy Hearts day you Wonderful readers you ,

      Have you ever went and sat down at your desk to type a blog and go to start when you realize you need an image to start the page off and you then must halt typing to go in search of one . Realizing you this you pin the blog page to go in search of the perfect image . While searching for said perfect image you come across a tiny little gem of  you have been squirreling it away like a nut over a long  winter waiting to be able to use it .Finding this gem you again stop what your doing to open up another social media sight to insert said image ? No ? Just me than ? 

Okay but , is this not the cutest little nut ? Now, done with that . I mean is this little darling completely worth the twenty minutes it took to cross over share or what ? I think so . Unfortunately many  of you are covered in Winter .  I think . In my mind you are wrapped up in it like a blanket .

                     (in reality it is a cold mess) 

Where as we this year only have seen a bit of rain and alone with an ever so slight dusting of ice. I miss Winter . It has now been 2 long years here without a snow . I feel incomplete somehow not being able to experience all cycles of time as it passes by me . 

aha , it is what it is , I wont keep you .

                               I just wanted to wish you a very happy hearts day .


                                           Always good peace to you and yours .

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