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Greetings from the Dark side

Greetings People ,

   I send greetings from the dark side well it is not truly dark here  . I just thought sounded good . I mean our home is a bit on the dark side for the fact that the curtains are pulled shut due to it being Winter and all . Our reminds me of a classic hobbit home though. Clean and tidy with warm tones and a welcoming  arura . It is a  bit a dark  . Well , that is how I imagine a hobbit home would be .  

 I am sitting here drinking coffee out of a remarkable mug it is the body of a cat  given to me by one of my daughters for Christmas .

Here is the amazing mug link :

Why is it that when One has several thoughts that one wants to write down  these things floating around like balloons  without away to right they a plentiful but, as soon as we find a pen and paper or sit down at the keys  all of those balloons disappear completely from the mind?

 Anyway in processing this most needed list of possible future accomplishments my mind is left blank so here sit at my computer banging out words . I did start to upload a video that too is left hanging in the balance of …. “ What am I doing today ? ’’ and yet still my mind is blank . I think as I type I might remember what I was going to put on my list but, alas I am left unfulfilled . 

* FYI  I did finish the upload for YouTube actually  I did two today and blogging as well  )

    My list  so far only two things 

                     :Edit video   who knew editing would be so easy ? 
Not me.  I have been dreading it for weeks . I don’t know why because I used to edit all the time. 
Fears ? What can one do but find away to work through them . Isn’t that the always the way  One builds things up in ones head so much that we fear it . 

                  Charge into that good night . Forward and onward .

         :Clean behind the work bench - in writing these words I felt like I was falling back in  my chair , sliding backwards somehow pulling on my leggings ! Let me tell you that was awkward to say the least . So I began to adjust my chair and suddenly I imagined myself as Snoopy fighting with that lawn / beach chair in that Thanksgiving special that used to show on television every year . Thanks to Apple since they bought the rights you must subscribe to their programming to watch it be like me and buy the DVD  

( okay well as far as this goes . … it has not happened yet  I have been working on my
                                                YouTube channel instead )

 I did however find some creates for sorting and storage of many of my supplies .  I also managed  to baked a loaf of homemade bread ,wash and fold and put away 2 loads of clothes . Vacuumed the house .  I am so much more involved with my life right now . I took time away to become more focused .These are crazy times  and some humans are acting so nuts . We all cope in different ways that is for sure.

 I believe at least I  have won this round in the battle of the desk chair . Perhaps not though I am sitting the same chair on very edge while typing for some reason ? It is working out okay but , I will definitely have to fix it later .

* UPDATE * Nope , come to find out I didn’t have to fix the chair after all . All I needed to do was I  had to bring the key board closer to me so I can keep my elbows at my side . See One can retain information from school (mumbles so many years later)

 I feel…… 
         I feel like I have accomplished a lot today . So far It has been very fulfilling . I will tie this up and go make dinner and await my husbands arrival home . 

        Good peace to and yours and always , always love and light . 


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