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After the Love is gone , by this I mean because yesterday was Valentines day


Hello dearest readers ,

    I hope you are well on this cold and raining morning . Well , at least its raining here . We had some thunder a few days ago so I am patiently waiting for snow . What is that old wives tale about when one hears  thunder during the winter ? Snow in 7 to 10 days ? I am testing that very wives tale out at this moment and I will defiantly share the out come ....

Do you have kids ? I do . This is not for just anybody who has kids . This is for those who have grown kids like  ones in their 20s and up. I am asking you parents . Does this ever happen to you out of no where do you get that attitude like you have done something to "oh piss them off  unknowingly some how ? " I don't know they were talking to you one day about whatever and you were not all engulfed with what they were sharing with you and , in doing this you did not give 100% of yourself to them by listening to whatever drama they tend to get entangled in . they get mad . their feelings are hurt . 

Okay well all I can say is be mad . when your head is  throbbing through your skull because you have this strange feeling like there  may be another infection in your jaw because of your teeth again ! Where the last time you felt that way you called to get a tooth removed they found a mass that was pushing a molar through your jaw bone ,which lead to emergency removal of  said mass and more teeth then thought . 

I mean I feel lucky my mother had to have all of her teeth removed in her 20s due to infections . I will be 50 this year and I am seriously thinking about dentures . My head kills me lately . My Jaw pops but, to honest it has always done that .I am trying not to drive myself crazy with worry . I am hoping I can get some answers today . About the kid thing . We as parents do what ever we can for our children no matter their age . I have found it is okay to let them be mad . its their feelings they put upon themselves . It is not our faults they struggle so much at times . It is because of choices they make .it is their life . I personally have more important things on my mind .

Thank you ever so much for reading .


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