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Mother Winter




                                                                Ah ,Thank Goddess , 

     Winter Mother has arrived finally upon my doorstep . I do so love when the Mother Earth is covered up with her White blanket of Snow . I was almost worried that she would not come and visit me this year ( but here in the central Carolina) Mother Nature can prove herself to be somewhat fickle at times . Either it is a late January fluffy snow or a bone chilling ice that comes to call, and even on  rare occasions , a bit of both . None the less I adore her more with each passing year . My Winter Mother . She is comforting to me with her cold brisk embrace . I feel alive with her . I love being able to enjoy hot beverages beside warm fires while out in the cool gray atmosphere of daylight or under her dark starry sky . I love being able to see my breathe as I speak my magic words to her watching as they soar high above me .  I love the sound of the quite Peace of my surroundings as I hear the wisp of a Snowflake falling and the crisp snap of the sleet as it falls all round me . I am in awe of her . 

                                                 ..Good Peace to you on this Wonderful Day ..


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