Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Another Day in the Life of Me.....

  Well, here I am again . I have not been around in while .I have been busy doing witchy stuff. I am I said to say that I am having to relearn and set up a lot of things on my computer due to the windows updates to windows 10 . Yuck!!!! I have been avoiding it all together but the point has come where I must summit to it . Windows 10 actually makes my computer dumber then when purchased . It update to windows 10 sure but my media players and drives that burn now longer work . Thanks to the 'UPDATE'.
  But , I shall persevere . I have set the whole day aside just to familiarize myself with this monster of a task . No, really its not that bad . I mean the part about Windows 10 making my Dell lap top dumber is true . So it will stay a windows 7 until the updates stop coming to it which than I will have to download FRACKING Windows 10 or it will become a giant paper weight which will serve  no use to me .                                                         
 So needles to say .... I say YUCK !!!!  To  the whole deal . I mean   One finally gets something set up the way they want it and then the whole dynamics change .

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