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Witch Way

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Duality of the Wheel of the Year

 Greetings Sisters and Brothers ,
       I find that all two offend we ALL are only single minded with our earthy connections here on our planet and with those upon her .Many of us go around thinking only about our current state of being along with our current phase in Nature .I am speaking hemispherically  here . Many think of only one season in time when in actuality there or TWO ... What?!?.... You don't say ? I do say .....
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You see we are in constant connection always flowing always connected . While Mother earth prepares for sleep here in the Northern Hemisphere on my side of the world she is also beginning to wake in the Southern Hemisphere  . So I will be sharing both known here from now on .  as minor Sabbats which include Spring Equinox , Summer Solstice , Autumn Equinox , and Winter Solstice Along with major Sabbats Samhain aka '' Halloween'' , Betane  the first of May , Imbolc or Candlemas  February 2 and Lughnasadh or Lammas   August 2 . ( I really don't like to put dates to these for different regions do celebrate at different times give or take a few days here and there .I am just trying to give basic information and you so help you become more aware of how complex the seasons are on this planet . You can google what you have questions about ) You can go by the image the Wheel of the Year to the left . If it is the Autumn Equinox in one hemisphere  go straight across in the image and you will see the Spring Equinox which is in the Southern hemisphere .I have done this in the past but never together at the same time . Again here in the Northern hemisphere we are preparing for the Autumn Equinox known to us as  Mabon this is  the celebration of the second harvest .This day divides the day and the night equally .
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Thank you to the Magical Druid 

Here are a few goodies for the changing seasons 

   Okay , Now while in the Southern Hemisphere the rebirth of life is beginning to awaken with new life . This is Ostara which falls upon the  Spring Equinox  where both day and night once again are equal . Mother Earth and Father Sun are forever in this wonderful life giving dance of Nature . One prepares for sleep and the other prepares to wake . Ostara known as Easter to some is a celebration of the returning strength resurrection and restoration of the Sun .This is the time to gain focus and balance . This is the transition from old into the new .

 I hope this helps in the explanation of the duality of the seasons here on our plant . Some of you may know of this but , never have a second thought  about it . On when there is an ending there is always a beginning in time and space and in region and Nature the ebb and flow of all life constantly continuing , constantly turning and constantly changing . 

                                       Good Peace to you and yours my Sisters and Brothers

Friday, August 25, 2017



Lavender ( lavendula officinal or L.Vera )- tranquil aroma

 Folk name: Elf Leaf
Gender : Masculine
Planet : Mercury
Element : Air ( very fragrant )
Powers : Love, Protection , Sleep ,Chastity , Longevity ,
              Purification , Happiness , Peace .
Magical Uses: Used in Love Spells and Sachets .
                       Lavender Water
          *Lavender Oils - Protects against cruel treatment of others *
Also used in burning and smudging to induce rest .


Lavender Money Bag        

Needed small bag , Lavender , 7 different denominations of money . It doesn’t matter coin or bill just only 7. Add money to the bag . Add ( dried Flower blossoms ) Lavender . (It will draw money to you plus you will never be broke because you always have money in your bag ) I replace money with larger denominations as they are drawn to me .

   There is nothing like the smell of  Lavender regardless of fresh or dry.

Planting : Plant in sunny open well drained sandy soil type content. Heights vary ( stem cuttings during Autumn and late Summer ) Sow from fresh seedlings in late Summer and Autumn . Thin or transplant 18 inches to 2 foot apart . Trim in late Autumn  .

Drinking a tea out of any of the following herbs serves to an uplifting your Spirit and Gladden your heart and nourish your nervous system .

                                       Wild Flower Tea                                                

                               2 parts Basil leaf and flower
                                 2 parts Lemon Balm
                                1 part  Borage Flowers
                                2 parts Lavender Flowers
                           1 part heart ease Pansy Flowers

        * Dose + Use : Use as tincture take 5-10 drops as needed *

                             Nettle Tea Hair Rinse

 Let leaves steep in cool water for 8 hours , Strain and use tea once or twice a week as hair rinse after shampooing and conditioning .

      Equal parts :  Nettle leaves

     (Add enough Apple cider Vinegar to cover flowers  set for 30 days )
 Strain and use 1 tablespoon of vinegar mixture to  8 oz of hair rinse .

                               Good Peace to you and yours ….

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

So over commercialism ,

                  I am so over Commercialism !
 The holidays no longer bring joy to me like back in the good old days .  Back in the day (just a few years ago ) seasons came with the anticipation of knowing what holiday was coming and the excitement of what magic awaits ahead .There in knowing with not only the fact the the season changing  but soon you would see commercials for the coming holiday at hand . Now a days one season is hardly over and commerce therein commercialism  is cramming in multiple  seasons and therefore holidays together . Which to me kills the spirit of the holiday . I mean it is Summer and I went to town last week to get supplies and turned the corner in one store and seen School supplies , Halloween decorations , Thanksgiving  and Christmas all together at the same time . WHAT?!! My head almost exploded .

 ( Times like this I am so grateful I am Wiccan we celebrate the season NOT A HOLIDAY which this actually brings me closer my Goddess ) It helps me realize that there is so much more to the Seasons then the plastic Pumpkins,Skeletons and Monsters with the fake blood and what knots of Halloween the artificial foliage of Fall with those ceramic scarecrow and turkey figurines of Thanksgiving , all of the plastic trees and cheap ornaments and poorly made presents of Christmas. I feel as if commerce there by commercialism is trying and very well succeeding in taking the joy of the Seasons away from  those of us in all religions buy the the spending of that all mighty dollar . Cheapening the holidays all together .

I am so beyond buying those holiday trinkets when I can make what I need out of real pure raw materials that will last much longer than and will mean so much more to me and who ever I share it with than something plastic put together cheaply with glue and covered in spray paint and glitter . I mean you do you my all means but lets stop cheapening ourselves for commercialism .
We are Witches ! We need to reconnect with the Divine .We need to step out into nature and experience the joys it has to offer . We need to create with our own hands . (So what if it is not as fancy or as shinny as something mass-produced )I know when I make something for someone it is special it has thought and action put into it . I creates Magic for me and those who receive it . A simple act of kindness a gift a piece of yourself . That means so much more . It is great for the soul of self and environment .If we create more we tend to waste less no more boxes with a million wire ties and plastics going in the landfills .  I am just one Witch , just one person in one place . We need to change our thought patterns  . Back in the day gifts and belongings were hand made and we were glad for it . Now a days it is I want this or I want that and we are often unhappy when we get it . Change how we function as a community ,  change how we think by just one person , one family , one community ,one town , one city , one state and we can change the world and all that hate and greed will one day disappear . I know it will not be in my life time and perhaps not in yours but Commerce  is the root.(Yank that Bitch out by the root !) I mean they make things cheaper and cheaper and charge higher and higher prices for substandard products with substandard materials and ingredients and we as consumers just buy it up .
                     The short of the long of it is                                                                  .....RECONNECT ..... 

Reconnect with the Divine whomever or however that may be   that may be for you . Reconnect with Nature .... 
                             She is waiting for you ....
                      Good Peace to you and yours ....

Thursday, August 3, 2017

August 2017

                                       Here are a few things I found , dug up and pinned
                                                                   I hope you enjoy .

Good Peace always  to You and Yours ......

 These are different pages from different places that I found some to be knowledgeable and worthy of sharing . I am sure that perhaps some of you have seen these before ,but perhaps maybe some of you have not  or , perhaps something here is something you had come across but could not find again so in that case ......You are Welcome . (lol) I myself am an Autumn Baby and I get so excited when August arrives because I know that Autumn is not too far behind . The expected Crisp in the air that arrives ....Op! Op ! , I am getting ahead of myself  here ...... back to August .


A bit of Zodiac Moon knowledge to share :
Sorry about the blur
  These I pulled off of a disc I bought on eBay and I am Solitary so I am sharing them with you .
  I found them interesting . I do not go by word for word when I find any type of  little beauties such as these I mainly use them as guide lines . I take what I like from the treasures I find throw in a bit of Whimsy and a dash of Finesse and a lot of Love and POOF!!! Somewhere in inside it all is my Magic. If there is ever something you are interested in just shoot me a line and I will add it here but, I mainly just share what I find interesting to me .


 Good Peace 

Sunday, July 30, 2017

A morning in July

  Here are a few Magical tidbits for the month of  July ,

July is a great month the sun gets higher and hotter . It is the time to celebrate the warmth of Father Sun's rays . It is the time to feel Mother Earth's embrace wrapping around you with Love and Care . It is a time to share in the bounties that only they can give us . Like many of you, this is my busy time of the year . I truly enjoy it but I am an Autumn baby through and through . (but we will talk about that later )  I can look out my window and see the light coming .... the sky is a pale light blue as Father Sun  rises higher and higher . The darkness from Mother Moon's night sky is slowly pushed back further into the darkness. It recedes from the quite of the early morning light . The air is cooler this morning than it has been .I can hear the birds chirping singing their songs in welcoming the coming Sun . This no doubt is one of my favorite times . Waking while the world is still sleeping , some of you just stirring... raising to meet this wonderful new day . I started writing to share with you of magical correspondences for the month of July and I find myself drifting into this magical morning where all else seems to fade way with the night .

I can hear dogs barking far off in the distance they too sing their songs for the coming of the light . I hear insects clicking chirping as the morning sky becomes brighter . As Father Sun rises higher and higher  more life stirs in a celebration of the coming of light. An activity that is often missed . I am drawn back to my computer keyboard by the infamous ticking of that darned ol' clock hanging up on the wall .Ticking and Tocking making me aware of each second that passes ..... but, with my windows open I am slow to relent to that nasty ol' clock and its harsh TICK-TOCK  as I hear life stirring outside . Creativity brewing as rhyme of words start swirling in my head . I must go outside for my can't  abide sitting at this desk . Good Peace to you my friend my time here must come to an end . I have Magic going on around me . It simply astounds me that I am still sitting at this desk ....

                                                     Good Peace

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Oil Infusion

                                          Infused Oils

Now I can only share with you what works for me and as we all know Working the Crafts of the Divine are as unique at time as Snowflakes that fall .  (Some may work for one and not the other )
                                                So these are merely beginner  basics .
In order to become truly educated in the Crafts One must do their homework , 
                                                                    keeps notes and discover what works best for them . 

I suggest learning a bit about carrier oils first and of course the Herbs you wish to work with.
Carrier Oil examples such as:
              Walnut etc . 
Just to name a few .Every ones taste is different . This is way I suggest to you to do research .
* I only use Plant based Oils *
Some oils work well with certain herbs and some do not . This again is where personal preference comes into account as of course the Need because certain herbs help with certain things , such as Lavender works for Relaxation . So do some research and when you are ready and you have your herb/ herbs , and picked your carrier oil/ oils (yes you can blend your carrier oil) and of course a journal / notebook of some sort so you can write down what works ,what you mixed it with and when . This way you will have a Oils section for your Book of Shadows a personal recipe reference of contents and procedure . 
                                                              (An Oils of Shadows if you will )  
When mixing remember it is all personal If your heart is happy with it , it will not fail you . Every one has a different style and different taste and allure to aromas not ever aroma will appeal to everyone .
When you have figured out what you want to create . 
Take your dried herbs or fresh flowers what ever you are using and fill a jar ( any container with a tight fitting lid will do) I suggest to start small. I mean you don't want to fill up a quart jar making an oil infused concoction not knowing the outcome.
                                          So start small maybe use one of those glass baby food jars .
( I make fur baby treats and I have baby food jars some of you may have babies so great small jar with tight fitting lid .)
Fill the container with your herb / flower ( dried are stronger scented ) Fresh flowers tend to be a bit more mild .When your jar is full slowly add your carrier oil to cover Herbs / Flowers cover with lid and gently agitate the contains ( Shake) and place the jar in cool place. ( Some infusions you can set on the windows sill and have the rays from Father Sun shine down upon them, if you have one ) Just check periodically for the aroma you desire . When you have reached the desired aroma simply strain and dis-guard herb/ flower and place infused oil into small jar with tight fitting lid/ cork .
( if you use cork make sure there is space between Oil and Cork other wise it will seep through the cork . )
I do this in some necklaces I make .... Aroma therapy before they came out with the felt inserts for necklaces here are a few infused cooking oils I have done . Same basic principle the only difference in these and essential oil is the amount of herbs/flowers used .
When using citrus such as Lemons, Oranges ,Limes etc.You will use the peel only remove as much of the pith as possible it can be bitter . O kay here are some basics on Oil infusions . So what are you doing still sitting here ......GO Infuse SOME Oil !! (lol)
                                                                    .. Good Peace ...
7/26/2017      Laughing out Loud ...... 

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

In the begining .......

 In my travels here on the internet I am apart of a few groups just like many of you.  The questions that I come across most frequently are '' How do I begin ?" or " Where do I start ?" , and my answer is .... Well , at the begin of course . If you find yourself asking these questions .Which many of us at some point or another do . I can simply ask what are your interests? One should start there . That is your beginning . I mean  when you narrow down your interests that can alleviate a lot of ones stress.
Let me share with you a story of me and my journey at the beginning . I have always, always been intuitive to the divine even at a very young age . My mother would tell me that the fairies had taken your child and left me for her to raise . She always excepted my idiosyncrasy with my abilities of   communicating with  Spirits or foretelling the future or telling her what people would say to her before she spoke with them. ( She was always asking me questions about things that I should not of known anything about at such an early age ) .
 As time went by and I grew older these talents would just evolve and progress .It was normal to me to be able to do these things and I thought how odd that she and others could not do the same things as myself . She tried to keep me safe but at times she couldn't .( different story all together ) When I was a teenager I met a young girl who told me of the Crafts and she told me of a book ....
              Buckland's Complete book of Witchcraft by Raymond Buckland 
and upon reading this book all things fell into place . He talked about things that I had done my entire life . I did not feel alone or odd any longer . I found a friend in this man whom I had never met before . So I began reading ( and let me tell you I hated reading ) but I read and I read more . This helped me focus and find my strengths and my weaknesses to begin my evolution into who I am now. I mean I had gifts such as Extrasensory Perception and Necromancy being an Empath but learning how to use these talents in a beneficial way at such an early age was strange and at time scary.  I had always been drawn to herbs perhaps it was because my grandfather taught me a lot . The knowledge I held was way beyond my years . My mother would tell me I was an old soul in a young body . I could tell her of thing that I had no experience with and these things would be factual . Things I did not read about or see on TV . I was way to young to know about such things , but alas I knew these things . I could mix her herbs and make teas for aliments and she would feel better . She loved drinking tea . I know , I know she was a parent and would of probably drank mud if I gave it to her and said it was delicious because that is what a parent does . But ,as I grew into reading and learned more about herbs and plant and trees .I found out that what I knew at an early age instinctually-later in age were all and the same . Some how I knew Turmeric was good for inflammation and Peppermint would ease an upset stomach . That cotton could ease a toothache . Strange that a child knew such things but I did and I am sure there are many of you  that could do the same at an early age as well  . What did I do ? I learned as much as I could and I still learn more everyday . That is what I would suggest you to do . Find what interests you and learn , never stop learning and when you find your niche you will take of like rocket . There will be no holding you back to the knowledge that awaits you .  I know there are many books written by many authors , but you will find your connection to the Divine . Be patient . The Religion of the crafts is unique . It is as unique as you yourself . We are all different working towards the same goal . Peace on Earth . Happiness and Joy in this life .  I am sorry to say there is no quick fix . A doctor does not learn how to heal over night . That is the same for Practitioners of the Crafts.

  Here are some Book titles along with their Authors  you could start with :

   Buckland's Complete book of Witchcraft  by Raymond Buckland 
   The Ultimate Book of Shadows for the New Generation by Silver Ravenwolf 
   WICCA A Year and a Day by Timothy Roderick
   A Witch Alone by Marian Green
   The Lost Books of Merlyn by Doulas Monroe
   Druid Magic by Mays Magee Sutton , Ph.D. and Nicholas .R. Mann 
   Living Wicca by Scott Cunningham
   Drawing Down the Moon by Margot Adler
   Wiccan Beliefs & Practices by Gary Cantrell

 Now mind you this is just a mere ripple in the vastness of books about the Crafts . These are some titles in my personal library . They are as diverse as the writer's who wrote them . Different points of view with totally different styles of writing . There are so many books so many opinions.

                                                                               Good Peace ..... 

Thursday, June 29, 2017

June Correspondences

 May Love and Light Guide all your

Welcome to My June page I hope this month finds you well . . I find I am enjoying this Summer more than I have in the past for some reason I have not yet. figured it out yet .

These are a few Pages out of my Book of Shadows . I just thought I would share a bit of myself with you . I hope they are not to difficult to read as I have designed each page myself .
                    Fonts ,
                                         and Images ....

I just Love the internet and all that One can access to create and design something completely original to suit Ones own style .

I have been working on my Book of Shadows today among other things .

                  - Dandelion Wine -
                                                                      Petal Only        
                  4 cups Dandelion                  (If you don't trim )
                 1 Gallon of Water               (green from the flower)
                 1 Package of Yeast             ( petals it will be bitter )
                    8 cups Sugar
         1 Orange and 1 Lemon  (Sliced)  
Place the Dandelion Petals in boiling Water and allow steep over night . I than return it to the stove top to warm back up to 120* degrees and add the Yeast .
 Than let cool to room temperature again . Than I strain over cheese clothe to catch all the little tine bits and pieces of flower , fruit and herb. I than funnel into my fer-mentor and it is off and running . Now in about 6 to 8 weeks I will then strain again and place in to bottles ...
         Yummy and just think if it tastes good when you bottle it .... It will be Delicious ...

                                         Now than ,  I hope you find these entertaining and enjoyable
                                                                                                    .. Good Peace..